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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Established: 1870

Location: McCarty Hall, Room 2014D

Phone: 352-392-2251.
Department phone numbers (PDF).

Academic Advising: Each major has an undergraduate coordinator and faculty advisers. Adviser information is available on the college web site.

Scholarships: The college provides more than $200,000 annually in undergraduate scholarships. Applications are available December 1 in McCarty Hall, Room 2002. College scholarships and letters of recommendation are due on or before February 15. For more information, contact the college’s associate dean.

Internships and Career Guidance: A college career resource center placement liaison helps students prepare for interviews and find employment. The college also sponsors the Agriculture and Natural Resources Career Day in February.

Majors – 120 hours Specializations
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Refer to College of Engineering
Agricultural Education and Communication Agricultural Education
Agricultural Leadership
Agricultural Communication
Extension Education
Agricultural Operations Management Production Systems Management
Construction and Process
Technical Sales Management
Environmental Systems Management
Animal Sciences Animal Biology
Animal Industry
(Beef Cattle, Dairy, Equine and
  Safety and Processing of Meat and

Botany Basic Botany
Preprofessional Botany
Entomology and Nematology Preprofessional and Basic Science
Biology Education
Plant Protection
Urban Pest Management
Environmental Science (BS) —
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Environmental Science
Natural Resource Management
Environmental Science (BA) —
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Environmental Education
Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy and Business
Family, Youth and Community Sciences  
Food and Resource Economics Food and Agribusiness Marketing
  and Management
Natural Resource, Environmental
  Economics and Policy
International Food and Resource
Food Science and Human Nutrition Food Science
Nutritional Sciences
Forest Resources and Conservation —
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Forest Resource Management
Urban Forestry
International and Agroforestry
Forest Science
Geomatics —
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Horticultural Science General Horticultural Science
Fruit and Vegetable Crops
Interdisciplinary Studies —
Environmental Management in
Agriculture     (three specializations)

Economics and Policy
Land and Water Management
Waste Management and Utilization

Interdisciplinary Studies —
Landscape and Nursery Horticulture
(three specializations)

Environmental Horticulture
Landscape and Nursery Management
Public Garden Management
Interdisciplinary Studies —
Turfgrass Science
Microbiology and Cell Science  
Natural Resource Conservation —
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Packaging Science  
Plant Science Agronomy –
  Science and Technology
  Sustainable Crop Production
    and Management
Plant Pathology –
  Agricultural Technology
Soil and Water Science  
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology Education
Preprofessional Studies
Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife Ecology