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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Hours for the Degree: 120
Minor: Yes
Combined-Degree Program: Yes

Portuguese is spoken in Europe, Africa and South America; Brazil alone has about 170 million Portuguese speakers. Students pursuing careers related to Latin America will profit greatly from knowing Portuguese; Florida does more than $2 billion worth of trade with Brazil yearly.

To speak Portuguese is to have the key to this vast "land of the future." Brazilians constitute one of the fastest growing immigrant populations of Florida, and studying Portuguese, especially in conjunction with Spanish, will provide a competitive edge for those seeking careers in business, industry, health, agricultural affairs and education.

Courses: The major consists of 30 hours of course work normally achieved with ten 3000-level courses or above. Students must earn a grade of C or better for course work to count toward the major.

Transfer students should take four 4000-level classes at UF. Two independent study courses may be accepted as part of major requirements. Students can choose from listings under POR in language and civilization beyond POR 3010, POW in literature and culture, and PRT (Brazilian literature in translation). A few courses outside the department, e.g. LAH 4630 Modern Brazil may also count toward the major under special conditions. POR 3010 does not count toward the major.

Overseas Study: The university sponsors a reasonably priced summer B program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Majors and minors are encouraged to participate at the 3000/4000 level; they can receive 6-9 hours of credit. The program fulfills the summer residency requirement. Students in approved overseas study programs can earn up to 15 credits that do not count as excess credits beyond the 120 credits required for graduation.

General Education: Qualifying classes are listed as humanities (H) and international and diversity (I) under POR, POW or PRT.

To remain on track, students must meet the following critical-tracking criteria.

Semester 1:

  • 2.0 UF GPA required for semesters 1-5

Semester 2:

  • Maintain 2.0 UF GPA

Semester 3:

  • Complete POR 1130

Semester 4:

  • Complete POR 1131 with 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking course work

Semester 5:

  • Complete POR 3240 and one additional Portuguese course with 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking course work

Suggested semester-by-semester plan

Semester 1Credits
Composition (GE)3
Mathematics (GE)3
Physical Sciences (GE)3
POR 1130 Beginning Portuguese 1 or
POR 3010 Introduction to Portuguese and Brazil (accelerated) 1
Total 14
Semester 2Credits
Mathematics (GE)3
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE)3
Biological Sciences (GE)5
POR 1131 Beginning Portuguese 2 5
Total 16
Semester 3Credits
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE)3
Physical Sciences (GE)3
Science laboratory (GE–P or B)1
POR 3242 Oral and Written Practice 23
Humanities (GE–H)3
Electives (PRT literature in translation recommended)2
Total 15
Semester 4Credits
POR 3243 Composition and Conversation3
POR or POW 3000-level course (GE–H, I) 33
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE)3
Humanities (GE)3
Elective (LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics recommended)3
Total 15
Semester 5Credits
POR or POW 3000-level course (GE–H) or POR or POW 4000-level course3
Humanities (GE)3
Biological Sciences (GE)3
Total 15
Semester 6Credits
POR or POW 3000-level course (GE–H) or POR or POW 4000-level course 33
Electives (3000 level or above, not in major)
(LAH 4630 Brazil after 1750 suggested)
Total 15
Semester 7Credits
POR or POW 3000-level courses or POR or POW 4000-level courses6
Electives (3000 level or above, not in major)6
Total 15
Semester 8Credits
POR or POW 3000-level courses or POR or POW 4000-level course6
Electives (3000 level or above, not in major)9
Total 15

1 POR 3010 may be offered fall, spring or summer A. Satisfies language requirement. Does not count toward major/minor.

2 POR 3242 is the first course that earns credit toward the major/minor.

3 Summer B study abroad in Rio de Janeiro recommended.