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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Environmental Horticulture

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The environmental horticulture minor helps students who seek employment opportunities associated with plant sciences and environmental horticulture.

Specific courses for the minor must be approved in writing by the academic adviser and the undergraduate coordinator at least one semester before graduation. A minimum of 15 credits is required.

Required Courses

ORH 3513/3513L Environmental Plant Identification and Laboratory3

Select at least two:

ORH 3253C Intro to Nursery Management4
ORH 3773C Public Gardens3
ORH 4236C Landscape and Turfgrass Mgmt3
ORH 4804 /4804L Annual and Perennial Gardening and Lab3
PLS 3221/3221L Plant Propagation and Lab3

Approved Electives:

PLS 4242C Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops4
Any ORH course offered at a UF campus
Total 15

Flexibility in this area allows students to focus the minor on a specialization area or to sample courses from other areas of environmental horticulture. This also allows degree-seeking students at off-campus locations the opportunity to complete a minor in environmental horticulture.