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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Environmental Science (for scientists)

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Students outside the School of Natural Resources and Environment can apply for admission to the minor in environmental science.

The minor is intended for students in liberal sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering or business. It requires exposure to the major subject areas of the environmental core.

Take a total of five courses, 15-17 credits

EES 3000 and 3000L Environmental Science and Humanity and Laboratory4

Principles of Ecology: take one course

ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology3
PCB 3601C Plant Ecology3
EES 4103 Applied Ecology (GE-B)2
PCB 3034C Intro to Ecology (GE-B) (4) or PCB 4044C General Ecology (GE-B) (4) or FOR 3153C Forest Ecology (GE-B) (3)3-4

Take one course each from three of the five subject areas:
(Refer to core requirements for the major)

Environmental Ethics3
Organic Chemistry 2-3
Global Sciences3
Natural Resource Management 3