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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Packaging Science

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

This minor provides a basic understanding of packaging and incorporates useful tools for commerce with courses in real-world issues facing the packaging industry. This minor will help students gain employment in the packaging industry.

Students applying for the minor must obtain written approval from their academic adviser and the undergraduate coordinator in packaging science at least two semesters before graduation. A packaging adviser is available in Rogers Hall.

The minor is open to all students. The program consists of a minimum of 15 credits with grades of C or better. A minimum of nine credits must be completed at UF. Students must complete three PKG courses of three or more credits and no courses can be taken for S-U credit.


PKG 2001 Principles of Packaging3
PKG 4007C Computer Tools for Packaging3
PKG 4204C Package Decoration3
PKG 4008 Distribution and Transport Packaging3

Additional courses (at least 3 credits)

PKG 3103 Food Packaging3
PKG 3009 Consumer Products Packaging3
PKG 4011 Packaging Production and Processing3
PKG 4252C Analytical Methods of Packaging3
PKG 3006 Packaging Materials3