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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog

Faculty and Staff

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VAKHARIA, ASOO, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Professor and Chairman of Decision and Information Sciences (1994-2003).

VALA, MARTIN T., Ph.D. (University of Chicago) Professor of Chemistry (1967-1978).

VALCANTE, GREGORY, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Director, Educational Programs (1994-1994).

VALENSTEIN, EDWARD, M.D. (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) Professor and Chairman of Neurology, Director of Neurology Residency (1974-2002).

VALENTINE, JOHN F., M.D. (University of Texas Medical School at Houston) Associate Professor of Medicine (1988-1997).

VALLANDINGHAM, CHRIS, J.D. (University of Florida) Assistant University Librarian (2003-2003).

VALLEJOS, C. EDUARDO, Ph.D. (University of California, Davis) Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences and Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (1985-1991).

VALLETTA, MARY E., M.D. (University of Florida College of Medicine) Clinical Assistant Professor, Critical Care (2004-2004).

VALLEY, SHARON C., M.S. (Ohio University) Coordinator, Educational/Training Programs of Pediatric Endocrinology (1991-1991).

VAN BLOKLAND, PETER JON, Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Professor, Food and Resource Economics (1976-1989).

VAN CLEEF, CRYSTAL L., M.Ed. (University of Florida) University School Instructor, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (2001-2001).

VAN DEN BERG, WILLEM, Information Technology Expert, Continuing Education (2003-2003).

VANDENBORNE, KRISTA, Ph.D. (Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium) Associate Professor and Chair of Physical Therapy (2001-2002).

VAN DER AA, JOHANNES J., Ph.D. (Eindhoven University of Technology) Acting Assistant Vice President and Lecturer, IT Center, JHMHC (2000-2003).

VANDERGRIEND, ROBERT A., M.D. (University of Florida) Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (1987-1988).

VAN DER VEEN, TANJA K., M.A. (Florida State University) Victim Advocate, University Police (2003-2003).

VANDEVELDE, ALEXANDER G., M.D. (University of Lovain) Associate Professor and Program Director of Medicine/Jacksonville (1990-1995).

VANDIVER, FRANCES M., Ed.D. (University of Miami) Director and Professor, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (1998-1998).

VAN HOOK, JOHN W., Ph.D. (University of Washington) Associate University Librarian, Collection Management - Humanities Bibliographer (1988-1993).

VANN, CHRISTOPHER D., M.S. (University of Florida) Extension Agent II, Animal Sciences, MC, Lafayette County (1990-1995).

VAN NESS, CARL L., M.L.S. (Florida State University) Associate University Librarian and Associate Chair, Special Collections (1985-1999).

VAN OOSTROM, JOHANNES H., Ph.D. (Eindhoven University) Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Bio-medical Engineering (1988-2005).

VANSICKLE, JOHN J., Ph.D. (Iowa State University) Professor, Food and Resource Economics (1980-1990).

VARELLA, CALUDIO H., Assistant Professor of Endodontics (2005-2006).

VARGAS, CARLOS E., M.D. (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) Clinical Assistant Professor (2005-2005).

VARLEY, ELIZABETH GAIL, M.S. (University of North Carolina) Program Extension Agent II, FCS Lee County (2003-2003).

VARNADOE, J. LARRY, M.S. (University of Georgia) Extension Agent II, Ag Prod, Nassau County (2000-2002).

VARNES, JILL W., Ed.D. (University of Southern Mississippi) Interim Dean, College of Health and Human Performance and Professor of Health Education and Behavior (1993-2003).

VASENKOV, SERGEY, Ph.D. (Russian Academy of Science) Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering (2006-2006).

VASQUEZ, MANUEL, Ph.D. (Temple University) Associate Professor of Religion (1994-1999).

VAZQUEZ, DIEGO R., M.P.A. (George Mason University) Senior Associate Director, Contracts and Grants (2003-2005).

VEGA, AIDA C., M.D. (Boston University, School of Medicine) Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (1994-2002).

VEGA, KENNETH J., M.D. (Cornell University) Associate Professor of Medicine/Jacksonville (2001-2001).

VEGA, SERGIO, M.F.A. (Yale University) Associate Professor of Art (2000-2005).

VEIGE, ADAM S., Ph.D. (Cornell University) Assistant Professor (06/23/2004).

VELEZ, IRMA D., B.S. (University of Florida) Associate Director, Information Systems (1974-2002).

VELOZO, CRAIG A., Ph.D. (Ohio University) Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Occupational Therapy (2000-2001).

VEMURI, BABA C., Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin) Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (1987-1999).

VENDRAME, WAGNER A., Ph.D. (University of Georgia) Assistant Professor, Environmental Horticulture, TREC-Homestead (2001-2001).

VENKATAPERUMAL, SATISH, M.D. (University of Madras, India) Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology (2005-2005).

VENRICK, DANA M., M.S. (University of Florida) Extension Agent II, Comm Hort, Volusia County (2001-2001).

VERA, HERNAN, Ph.D. (University of Kansas) Professor of Sociology (1974-1995).

VERA, MARIA INES, Ph.D. (University of Kansas) Associate Professor of Social Work in Psychiatry (1974-1993).

VERLINDE, CHRISTINA M., B.S. (University of Florida) Extension Agent I, Sea Grant, Santa Rosa County (2000-2000).

VERNE, G. NICHOLAS, M.D. (State University of New York Health Science Center-Syracuse) Assistant Professor of Medicine (1997-1997).

VERNETSON, THERESA B., Ed.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Dean and Lecturer of Education (1972-2001).

VERNETSON, WILLIAM GERARD, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Engineer, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering (1982-1985).

VERSTEGEN, JOHN, Ph.D. (University of Liege) Associate Professor, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences (2004-2004).

VERTUCCI, FRANK J., D.M.D. (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) Professor and Chairman of Endodontics (1975-1987).

VICARY, CHRISTOPHER T., M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Computer Applications, Florida Center for Library Automation (1998-1998).

VICKROY, THOMAS, Ph.D. (University of Texas) Professor, Department of Physiological Sciences (1988-1999).

VICTORIAN, KAREN L., B.S. (University of South Alabama) Assistant In, Physical Therapy - Tacachale (1997-1999).

VICTORICA, BENJAMIN E., M.D. (University of Cuyo, Argentina) Professor of Pediatric Cardiology (1969-1994).

VIDAURRETA, BEVERLY L., Ph.D. (South Illinois University-Carbondale) Program Dir. Student Counseling and Development, College of Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health and Family Medicine (1993-2001).

VIESSMAN, JOSHUA, Information Technology Intermediate, College of Veterinary Medicine.

VIESSMAN, WARREN, JR., D.Engr. (Johns Hopkins University) Professor of Environmental Engineering Services (1983-1990).

VILLALON, LEONARDO A., Ph.D. (University of Texas-Austin) Associate Professor of Political Science and Program Director, Center for African Studies (2002-2002).

VILLARET, DOUGLAS B., M.D. (University of Cincinnati) Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology (1999-1999).

VILLAS, BRUCE, M.D. (UMDNG-Rutgers Medical School) Associate Professor of Pathology/Jacksonville (1990-1992).

VILLEGAS, JORGE, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin) Provisional Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communications (2001-2001).

VINCE, ANDREW, Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Professor of Mathematics (1981-1992).

VINES, FREDERICK S., JR., M.D. (University of Virginia) Professor of Radiology/Jacksonville (1984-2000).

VINSON, BETTY P., M.M.Sc. (Emory University) Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders (1985-1998).

VITELLI, CHRISTOPHER, M.Ed. (Harvard University) Director, Student Services, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (2004-2004).

VLASAK, RICHARD, M.D. (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (1998-2003).

VLIET, KENT, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate In Zoology Administration (1994-1996).

VOGEL, STEPHEN B., M.D. (University of Florida) Professor, General Surgery (1978-1990).

VOGEL, W. BRUCE, Ph.D. (George Washington University) Associate Professor, Director, Health Policy Research Division, Department of Epidemiology and Health Policy Research (2000-2000).

VOGL, JAMES J., Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara) Visiting Lecturer of Geological Sciences (2003-2003).

VOLLMER, TIMOTHY R., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Professor of Psychology (1998-2002).

VOMACKA, ROBERT B., M.A. (University of South Florida) Assistant Director, Research Programs (2000-2000).

VON MERING, GREGORY O., M.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor (1999-2003).

VU, HANG T., M.D. (University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio) Assistant Professor of Medicine/Jacksonville (2005-2005).

VU, JONATHAN-HIEN, M.D. (Meharry Medical College) Assistant Professor of Surgery/Jacksonville (2002-2002).

VUKICH, DAVID J., M.D. (University of Colorado) Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine/Jacksonville (1984-2000).

VU-QUOC, LOC, Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley) Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (1988-1999).

VYAPARI, SUDEEP, Ph.D. (Kansas State University) Assistant Professor, Environmental Horticulture, HCC-Plant City (2002-2002).