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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Learning Compact

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Description of the Major
The four-year Bachelor of Design degree requires you to demonstrate and to understand the creative design process and associated skills as they relate to problem solving and spatial organization. You will develop skills in spatial design, graphic communication, materials, technology and environmental issues. Programs analyze existing and projected examples of build form, define fundamental principles and knowledge of the discipline, develop each student's skills in the formation and projection of spatial experience and relate creativity to cultural and physical environment.

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Before Graduating You Must
  • Follow and achieve national accreditation (NAAB) guidelines for terminal project and portfolio assessments.
  • Receive acceptable review and assessment of studio work from faculty, industry professionals and peers.
  • Satisfy the Florida statutory requirements for CLAST.
  • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.
Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)
  1. Demonstrate and understand the design process and associated skills.
  2. Develop vocabulary and graphic skills associated with the studio teaching methodology.
  3. Acquire, interpret and analyze information as it relates to the design process.
  4. Communicate about the discipline to a variety of audiences using a variety of formats and approaches.
  5. Acquire skills in drawing, electronic imaging, materials and environmental issues.
  6. Think critically, analytically and logically about spatial design.
  7. Develop understanding of the relationship between people's behavior and the built environment.

Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
ARC 3181         X X X
ARC 3320 X X X X X X X
ARC 3321 X X X X X X X
ARC 3463         X X X
ARC 3503       X X   X
ARC 3610         X X X
ARC 3743           X X
ARC 4220 X       X X X
ARC 4322 X X X X X X X
ARC 4323 X X X X X X X
ARC 4620         X X X

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