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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


Unified Early Childhood Education ProTeach (Pre-K - Grade 3)
College: Education
Program: Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Education
Hours for Degree: 120 (BAE), 36 (MEd)
Minor: No
Combined-Degree Program: No

The Unified Early Childhood Education ProTeach program prepares students to teach at the preschool and pre-kindergarten levels through grade three. Students who successfully complete the five-year Unified Early Childhood Education ProTeach program (Bachelor of Arts in Education plus fifth year of study) will be recommended for certification in Preschool Education (birth-age 4) and PreK/Primary (age 3-grade 3) with endorsements in PreK Handicapped and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The program unifies early childhood education and early childhood special education. There is a wide range of professional choices for graduates of this program, including directors of nursery schools or Head Start programs, teachers of the primary grades and interventionists in hospitals.

Fifth-Year Requirement

Students who successfully complete a UF undergraduate program in Unified Early Childhood Education must complete the fifth year requirement as a graduate student earning a Master of Education degree or as a postbaccalaureate student.

Passing scores on appropriate portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) will be required before program completion.

Critical-Tracking Requirements

Semester 1:

  • 1010 SAT or 21 ACT
  • 2.0 UF GPA required

Semester 2:

  • Complete 1 of 3 critical-tracking courses (EDF 1005 or EDG 2701 or EME 2040)
  • 2.3 UF GPA required

Semester 3:

  • Complete 1 additional critical-tracking course
  • 2.6 UF GPA required for semesters 3-5

Semester 4:

  • Complete all 3 critical-tracking courses with a 3.0 GPA on all critical course work

Semester 5:

  • Complete course work in semesters 1-4 of the semester-by-semester plan below
  • Complete CLAST (no exemptions) or complete General Knowledge portion of Florida Teacher Certification Examination (see audit and/or adviser to determine which test to take)
  • Complete the university writing requirement
  • Complete the university math requirement
  • Complete 9 hours of international/ diversity courses
  • There is an official admission process to enter ProTeach at the junior level. Students should not register for courses in semesters 5-8 before ProTeach admission.
  • For semesters 5-8, students must maintain a 3.0 upper-division GPA.

To remain on track, students must complete the appropriate critical-tracking courses, which appear in bold.

Suggested semester-by-semester plan

Semester 1Credits
Composition (GE-C, WR)3
Mathematics - Algebra or above (GE-M)3
American History (GE-H)3
Physical Science (GE-P)3
PSY 2012 General Psychology3
Total 15
Semester 2Credits
EDF 1005 Introduction to Education3
Biological Science (GE-B)3
Literature (GE)3
DEP 3053 Developmental Psychology3
STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1 (GE-M)3
Total 15
Semester 3Credits
EDG 2701 Teaching Diverse Populations (GE-S, I)3
Earth Science3
Associated science laboratory0-1
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S)3
Total 15-16
Semester 4Credits
EME 2040 Introduction to Educational Technology3
MAC 2311 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 or
MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors 1
HUM 2511 Basic Fundamentals and Skills in the Visual Arts and Music3
ORI 2000 Oral Performance of Literature 1 or
SPC 2600 Introduction to Public Speaking
Total 15
Semester 5Credits
EEX 4905 Individual Study1
EDF 3122 The Young Child3
EDF 3609 Sociological and Historical Foundations of Education3
EEX 3012 Introduction to Special Education3
LIN 3710 Language Acquisition3
EEX 4754 Family Focused Involvement in Early Childhood Special Education3
Total 16
Semester 6Credits
EDG 3374 Teaching Math and Science in Early Childhood3
EEX 3226 Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education3
EEC 3941 Practicum in Early Childhood Education3
EEC 3706 Teaching Reading in Primary Grades3
EEX 4790 Multicultural Issues in Early Childhood Special Education3
Total 15
Semester 7Credits
EEC 4704 Social Competence in Early Childhood3
EEX 4064 Educational Programming for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities3
EEX 4812 Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education3
EPH 4033 Children and Youth with Multiple Disabilities3
EEC 4215 Early Childhood Science and Social Studies3
Total 15
Semester 8Credits
EME 4406 Integrating Technology in the Early Childhood Curriculum3
EDF 3433 Introduction to Educational Measurement and Evaluation2
LAE 4314 Language Arts for Diverse Learners 3
EEX 3062 Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum3
EEC 6205 Early Childhood Curriculum3
Total 14


During the fifth year, students complete a dual certification and endorsement track, 36-hour master's degree program or a 24-hour postbaccalaureate program. Program completion confers recommendation for
  • Preschool Education (birth-age 4)
  • PreK/Primary (age 3-grade 3)
  • ESOL Endorsement
  • PreK Handicapped Endorsement