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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Actuarial Science

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

This minor is designed to prepare students for careers as actuaries. The required courses cover the material for the beginning examinations and VEE credits leading to an associateship in the major national actuarial societies. A minimum of 12 hours must be completed at UF. All 37 credits must be completed with grades of C or better (no S grades). VEE credits require a grade of B or better in the designated courses. Refer to actuarial science for additional information.


Calculus 2: MAC 2312 or 2512 or 34734
Calculus 3: MAC 2313 or 34744


Mathematical Statistics 1 and 2: STA 4321 and 43226
Theory of Interest: STA 41833
Regression Analysis: STA 42103
Intro to Time Series and Forecasting: STA 48533

Business Administration

Financial Accounting: ACG 2021C4
Business Finance: FIN 34034
Macroeconomics: ECO 20133
Microeconomics: ECO 20233