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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The Horticultural Sciences Department offers a minor in organic and sustainable agriculture. This interdisciplenary program encompasses organic and sustainable practices in horticulture and plant science, and requires a minimum of 15 credit hours. This minor is open to any student. For more information, please contact Melissa Webb at or call 352-392-4711 ext. 216.

Required Courses

HOS 3218C Organic and Sustainable Crop Production3
AGR 4214 Alternative Cropping Systems3

Select a minimum of three courses (at least one course from each category):

Crop Production
AGR 4268C Sustainable Agricultural Systems Analysis3
GEO 3427 Plant, Health and Spirtuality3
HOS 4218C Advanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production3
PLS 3221 and 3221L Plant Propagation and Laboratory3
VEC 2100 World Herbs and Vegetable3
VEC 3200 Organic Vegetable Gardening1
Pest Management
ENC 3030C Insect Field Biology3
PLP 3103 Control of Plant Diseases3
PLS 4601 Principles of Weed Management3
PMA 3010 Fundamental Pest Management3
PMA 4570C Field Techniques in IPM3
Resource Managment
ALS 3133 Agriculture and Environmental Quality3
ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology3
AOM 3732 Agriculture Water Management3
SOS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use3
SOS 4233 Soil and Water Conservation3