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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Fine Arts
College of Fine Arts

General Theatre

The School of Theatre and Dance offers a theatre minor in either general theatre or production. All students planning to minor in theatre are required to consult the school's undergraduate adviser to select a program of study.

This minor requires 17 credits. Eight credits must be at the 3000 level or above and 11 credits must be completed at UF. All courses for the minor require grades of C or better (no S/U grades).

Required Courses

THE 2000 Theatre Appreciation 3
TPP 2100 Acting for Non-Majors 3

Choose two courses (6 credits)

THE 3234 Diversity and Multiculturalism in American Theatre or
THE 4930 Special Topics in Theatre: African-American Theatre
DAN 2100 Dance Appreciation for the Twenty-first Century 3
TPP 3124 Improvisation and Social/Political Issues (Strike Force); repeatable up to 6 credits. 3

Elective (3 credits)

Choose between a theatre or dance elective. See the departmental adviser.