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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Learning Compact

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Description of the Major
This major exposes you to key issues in the history of the United States, Europe and areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America. You will develop the critical interpretative skills needed to assess both primary and secondary sources in the complex task of thinking about the past. You will master a set of research skills that help you develop your own historical arguments. Significant emphasis is laid on effective written communication reflected in the cogency of your arguments and your use of evidence.

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Before Graduating You Must
  • Complete the distribution requirements of the major (6 hours in AMH, 6 hours EUH, 6 hours in AFH, ASH or LAH), graded by department rubric.
  • Complete HIS 3942 and HIS 4930 with grades of B- or better, graded by department rubric.
  • Satisfy the Florida statutory requirements for CLAST.
  • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.
Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)
  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of major issues in the history of the United States, Europe and areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  2. Conduct basic historical research: use the print and electronic resources of the library to find primary and secondary sources, compile bibliographies, use web resources effectively and correctly quote and cite sources.
  3. Critically evaluate primary and secondary sources.
  4. Develop historical arguments.
  5. Produce an effectively written analytical research paper that gathers primary sources, analyzes them in the context of secondary literature and then marshals the evidence in support of a coherent historical argument.

Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
American History,
6 credits
X X X    
African, Asian or
Latin American History,
6 credits
X X X    
European History,
6 credits
X X X    
General History,
HIS 3942
X X X X  
AFH 4930, AMH 4930, ASH 4930,
EUH 4930 or LAH 4930

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