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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Learning Compact

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Physical Education
Description of the Major
Students in this major develop the skills necessary to design, implement and evaluate effective physical education lessons based on the art and science of pedagogy. Graduates generally pursue careers in physical education teaching in public or private school settings. This major provides the qualification required to obtain a Florida K-12 teaching certification in physical education.

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Before Graduating You Must
  • Perform satisfactorily on at least one major assignment or examination for each required core course.
  • Demonstrate competence in each SLO and for each indicator in the College of Education Unit Assessment System (UAS) as measured by instructors at the conclusion of each required core course.
  • Complete the 15 credit-hour internship.
  • Achieve an acceptable score on the Florida Department of Education Professional Test, Subject Area Examination and General Knowledge Examination.
  • Satisfy the Florida statutory requirements for CLAST.
  • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.
Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)
  1. Ability to modify instruction based on a variety of traditional and alternative assessment strategies and technologies.
  2. Understand how race, ethinicity, gender, socioeconomic status, language and special need variables affect K-12 student learning.
  3. Apply knowledge of established human development/learning theories and concepts, including first and second language acquisition.
  4. Connect subject matter to students' background knowledge and what they are learning in other courses/disciplines.
  5. Understand the principles governing effective learning enviornments, including classroom management, individual and group motivation and goal setting.
  6. Establish learning environments characterized by equity, mutual respect and democratic values that include and engage all students.
  7. Develop engaging lesson plans that address state and national content standards and grade-level expectations.
  8. Varies activities to accommodate students' cognitive, social, linguistic, cultural, emotional and/or physical needs.
  9. Identify and apply varied communication techniques for students, including students whose home language is not standard English.
  10. Demonstrates varied communication techniques that promote K-12 student learning and communicates high expectations.

Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4 SLO 5 SLO 6 SLO 7 SLO 8 SLO 9 SLO 10
PET 3060     X           X  
PET 3640C X             X    
PET 3730C X X   X X X X     X
PET 3810             X      
PET 3820                 X X
PET 4510 X                  
PET 4742C X     X X X X     X
PET 4940 X         X        

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