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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Family, Youth and Community Sciences
Hours: 15 credits

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

This minor provides an introduction to the core areas of family, youth and community, and it is particularly useful to students whose career plans include working with people in a variety of settings.

Required Courses

FYC 3001 Principles of Family, Youth and Community Sciences3
FYC 3101 Parenting and Family Development or
FYC 3112 Contemporary Family Problems and Interventions
FYC 3201 Foundations of Youth Development3
FYC 3401 Introduction to Social and Economic Perspectives on the Community3

Electives: 3 credits

Any additional FYCS course or select one from approved area of specialization (AOS) courses. Students must meet any prerequisites. See an FYCS adviser for more information.