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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

International Humanitarian Assistance
Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades of B or better

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The interdisciplinary minor in international humanitarian assistance, in conjunction with the successful completion of the degree program, provides UF students with foundational skills and knowledge necessary to contribute productively in nonprofit organizations, private businesses and the public sector.

Students will take core courses in international assistance and in public policy, with emphasis in economic policy and relations, foreign policy, contemporary international issues and experiential learning.

The minor is open to all students. The Department of Food and Resource Economics will provide advising. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 is necessary for admission to the minor. Students must also make a B or higher in AEB 4282, International Humanitarian Assistance, to continue in the minor.

Required Courses: take 9 credits

AEB 4282 International Humanitarian Assistance3
FYC 4409 Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings3

Select one

AEB 4283 International Development Policy3
AHM 3930 U.S. Foreign Relations3
PUR 4404C International Public Relations3

Electives: take 6 credits

Policy and Development
AEB 4242 International Trade Policy in Agriculture3
AEB 4343 International Agribusiness Marketing4
URP 3001 Cities of the World3
Contemporary Issues
GEO 3370 Conservation of Resources3
GEO 4938 Management of Protected Areas in Africa and the Americas1-4
HSC 4624 Trends in International Health3
WST 3415 Transnational Feminism3
WST 3930 Gender and Development1-4
Humanitarian Assistance Internship
ALS 4941 Internship (prior approval)1-4