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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Hours: 15 credits, with a cumulative GPA for all courses in the minor of 3.0 or better

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The interdisciplinary minor in leadership, in conjunction with the successful completion of the degree program, provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assume positions in supervision and management in private companies and nonprofit organizations. Students will take courses in leadership theory and practice, ethics and communications, and will focus on one area of leadership: organizational leadership, community leadership or public policy leadership.

The minor is open to all students at the university. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is necessary for admission to the minor. Students must also make a B or higher in AEE 3414.

Required Courses

AEE 3414 Leadership Development3
AEE 3413 Working with People: Interpersonal Leadership Skills or
AEE 4434 Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams or
SDS 4410 Interpersonal Communication Skills or
SPC 2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Communications Development3
Public Policy, Organizational or Community Leadership3

Ethics: take 3 credits

AEB 4126 Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics3
ANT 4255 Environment and Cultural Behavior3
BUL 4310 Legal Environment of Business4
BUL 4443 Ethics in Business2
FYC 4114 Ethical Issues in Family, Youth and Community Sciences3
JOU 4700 Problems and Ethics of Journalism in Society3
PET 4474 Moral and Ethical Issues in Sport3
PHI 2630 Contemporary Moral Issues3
PHI 3633 Bioethics3
PHM 3032 Ethics and Ecology3
PHM 3640 Ethics of Communication3
POT 3302 Political Ideologies3
POT 3503 Environmental Ethics and Politics3
PUR 4203 Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Public Relations3

Communications Development: take 3 credits

AEE 3030C Effective Oral Communication3
AEE 3033C Research and Business Writing in Agricultural and Life Sciences3
AEE 3073 Intercultural Communication3
AEE 4031 The Communication Process in Agricultural and Life Sciences3
AEE 4052 Communication Campaign Strategies in Agricultural and Life Sciences3
ENC 2210 Technical Writing3
ENC 3250 Professional Communication3
ENC 3254 Professional Writing in the Discipline3
FNR 4040C Natural Resource Communication3
GEB 3213 Writing in Business3
LEI 3832 Special Events and Meeting Planning3
MMC 2100 Writing for Mass Communications3
PUR 3000 Principles of Public Relations3
SPC 2600 Introduction to Public Speaking3

Public Policy, Organizational or Community Leadership: choose one course from one area for 3 credits

Public Policy Leadership
FNR 4660C Natural Resource Policy and Administration3
PAD 3003 Public Administration3
POS 2041 American Federal Government3
POS 2112 American, State, and Local Government3
POS 3122 State Politics3
POS 3204 Political Behavior3
POS 3233 Politics and Public Opinion3
POS 3263 Political Leadership3
POT 3001 Introduction to Political Theory3
Organizational Leadership
AEB 3133 Principles of Agribusiness Management3
AEB 4284 Human Resource Policy3
AEB 4424 Human Resources Management in Agribusiness3
GEB 3035 Effective Career Management in Business4
HSC 4930 Leadership Skills and Styles3
MAN 3025 Principles of Management4
MAN 4301 Human Resource Management4
MAN 4723 Strategic Management4
PAD 3003 Public Administration3
Community Leadership
EDA 4930 Leadership (in special topics classes)3
FYC 3001 Principles of Family, Youth and Community Sciences3
FYC 3401 Intro to Social and Economic Perspectives on the Community3
FYC 4126 Urban and Rural America in Transition3
FYC 4409 Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings3
LEI 3400 Recreation Programming and Leadership4
POS 3142 Urban Politics3
SOP 3004 Social Psychology3
SYD 3410 Urban Sociology3
SYP 3000 Society and the Individual3