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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Journalism and Communications

Mass Communication Studies
Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades of C or better and no S-U.

College of Journalism and Communications

Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and receive approval of their college’s dean before obtaining Journalism and Communications college approval in 1000 Weimer Hall.

Nine of the required credits must be completed at UF.

This minor is not open to College of Journalism and Communications majors.

Required Courses

ADV 3000 Elements of Advertising3
PUR 3000 Principles of Public Relations3
RTV 3000 Introduction to Telecommunication3
RTV 3405 Television and American Society3

Take one

ADV 3501 Advertising Research3
JOU 4004 History of Journalism3
MMC 1702 Rock 'n' Roll and American Society3
PUR 3500 Public Relations Research3