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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades of C or better

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The philosophy minor requires a minimum of 15 hours in philosophy. Of these, no more than six hours may be transfer credits and only three hours can be independent study (PHI 3905 or PHI 4905).

For more information, consult the undergraduate coordinator in the Department of Philosophy.

Required Courses

PHH 3100 Ancient Greek Philosophy, 3 credits, and
PHH 3400 Modern Philosophy, 3 credits
PHH 3100 or PHH 3400 and
PHI 2100 Logic, 3 credits, or PHI 3130 Symbolic Logic, 3 credits
3000-4000 level courses with the prefixes PHI, PHH, PHM 9