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2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog


College Design, Construction and Planning

Urban and Regional Planning
Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades C+ or better

College of Design, Construction and Planning

Society's demands on the natural environment continue to increase as communities grow to meet population demands. Planning addresses the interface between the social, environmental and economic dimensions of communities and regions. Never before has the need to shape visions and guide community outcomes been greater.

The minor in urban and regional planning introduces students to the challenging and vital aspects of creating, improving and sustaining communities and regions.

Application should be made early so that guidance can be given for course selection and special studies parameters. To be accepted, students must have a 2.5 (C+) grade point average and maintain a C+ or higher GPA in all course work for the minor. No S/U option will be accepted for the minor. The minor does not provide professional certification.

It is each student's responsibility to declare the minor through their major's department or college and to obtain the required signatures from both their department and URP.

Required Courses

URP 3001 Cities of the World3
URP 4000 Preview of Urban and Regional Planning3

Electives: take three

URP 2931 Seminar in Urban and Regional Issues3
URP 4273 Survey of Planning Information Systems3
URP 4715 Bikeways Planning and Design3
URP 4880 Crime Prevention Planning3
URP 4905 Special Studies in Urban and Regional Planning3

Study Abroad/Off-Campus Studies

Off-campus programs include the College of Design, Construction and Planning's Preservation Institute in Nantucket for nine credit hours, held each summer. There are a variety of programs offered via UF's International Center that may be appropriate for inclusion in the URP minor. Students need approval before studying abroad. Credits vary from three to nine hours, depending on the intensity and appropriateness of the selected program.