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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Policies
Degree Requirements
Course Descriptions

Lower-Division Admissions

The university’s Office of Admissions coordinates the admission of freshmen and lower-division transfer students. For admission guidelines, refer to the Office of Admissions.

Upper-Division Admissions

The Warrington College of Business Administration's School of Business is responsible for admission decisions for transfer and online students. Students who wish to transfer directly to UF from a Florida public community college must have an AA degree. Admission to the on-campus business degree program is highly competitive. Students who meet minimum admission requirements are not guaranteed admission.

Transfer students from outside the Florida community college system are not eligible for undergraduate admission. Students in this category are encouraged to complete their degree at another institution, considering the University of Florida for graduate degree programs in business.

Application deadlines are strictly enforced. Transfer students who do not have a complete application on file by the deadline, including all required credentials, transcripts, etc., will not be considered for admission and must apply for a subsequent term. Transfer students are considered for admission to the college provided they fulfill all of the following requirements:

  1. Earn an Associate of Arts degree

  2. Earn passing scores on the CLAST Exam

  3. Complete all preprofessional courses with the minimum GPA required. The preprofessional GPA is calculated based on all attempts at the seven preprofessional courses or their equivalents. The following table lists the seven required preprofessional courses:

    Preprofessional Course Requirements for the
    Warrington College of Business Administration
    ACG 2021C Introduction to Financial Accounting
    ACG 2071 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
    CGS 2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software
    ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics
    STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1
    MAC 2233 Survey of Calculus 1

    Transfer students (except general studies majors) are required to take an eighth preprofessional course, specific to each major, during their first term of enrollment at UF. See the programs of study section for each major-specific course.

It is important for transfer applicants to note that an academic catalog guarantees graduation requirements, not admission requirements. Admission and preprofessional course and GPA requirements are subject to change without notice for students who are not enrolled in the college.

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Nondegree Students

Depending on resource constraints, nondegree seeking students may be allowed to register for business courses during the summer term only, if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are state of Florida employees who have not previously attended the University of Florida as a degree-seeking student.

  • They have never applied to the University of Florida as a degree-seeking student.

  • They are currently enrolled in an undergraduate business or accounting program at another university/college AND intend to transfer course work back to their home institution. Applicants for nondegree status are also required to submit a letter from their home institution requesting that they be granted nondegree status and stating the specific courses that they are authorized to take.

Students approved for nondegree status are only allowed to register for courses on the last day of drop/add. Nondegree registration is done on a space-available basis; therefore, depending on course availability, students who must take a specific course for transfer back to their home institution may wish to explore other academic alternatives.

Please note that the University of Florida does not allow courses taken as a nondegree student to be used to meet the requirements for a UF degree.

Student Responsibility

Students admitted to the college are expected to assume full responsibility for registering for the proper courses, fulfilling all requirements for degrees and completing all courses. School of Business academic advisers, who are located in Stuzin Hall, Room 267, are available to assist students with scheduling, registration, course selection, major changes, professional development and related matters. Students are encouraged to speak with an academic adviser each semester to ensure they are on track with their academic plan.

Tracking (Preprofessional) and General Education Requirements

Courses used to meet tracking (preprofessional) requirements may not be taken for a pass/fail grade (known as "S-U" at the University of Florida). Students who wish to use a course from another institution to fulfill tracking requirements should first consult an adviser in the School of Business.

Normal Course Loads

The college’s degree programs are designed for full-time study. Students are encouraged to register for 15 credit hours and are expected to register for a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring. Students may not take more than 18 credit hours per term without first receiving approval by the college’s Undergraduate Petitions Committee.

Dean's List

Students who complete 12-14 credit hours and earn a 3.7 GPA or higher -OR- 15 hours or more and a 3.5 GPA or higher in the fall or spring semester are eligible for the dean's list. Those who make the dean's list will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement. Note that S-U graded courses do not count toward the required credit hours.

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