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2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog

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Established: 1958 as the first college of health professions in the United States; renamed Public Health and Health Professions in 2003.

Location: Health Professions/Nursing/Pharmacy Building (HPNP), 101 South Newell Drive

Rankings: Highly ranked programs throughout the college

Accredited: All clinical programs are accredited by the appropriate national organization. In addition, the college is in the accreditation process for public health.

Degrees: Bachelor of Health Science degree with tracks in Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Professional, General Health Science and Rehabilitative Services

Academic Advising: Review the college website and make an appointment with an academic adviser at 352-273-6400

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Eligible juniors and seniors can apply for college scholarships.

Computer Requirement: Windows operating environment with Powerpoint software

Library: In addition to the university’s main library, students access the Health Science Center Library, one of the largest biomedical library systems in the country.

Internships and Career Guidance: College academic advisers are available to help with career planning. Shadowing health care providers is strongly encouraged.

Student Organizations: College Council, the Health Science Student Organization(HSSO), Alpha Eta Society. Some disciplines also have student associations affiliated with their national organizations. Examples include:

Health Science Specializations Admission GPA Minimum Degree Awarded Minor
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
Rehabilitative Services
First four specializations require:
   3.0 tracking GPA
   3.0 overall GPA
Rehabilitative Services requires:
   2.7 tracking GPA
   2.7 overall GPA
Bachelor of
Health Science