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2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Learning Compact

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Description of the Major
The Bachelor of Arts in astronomy provides knowledge of basic concepts, theories and observational findings concerning the structure and evolution of planetary systems, stars, stellar systems such as galaxies, and cosmology. You will become familiar with modern physics and understand mathematics, including calculus. You will learn scientific methodology and its application in specific contexts, the use of observations in testing hypotheses and the limitations of astronomical observations as well as how to critically evaluate them.

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Before Graduating You Must
  • Achieve an acceptable score on a comprehensive examination in AST 4930 Student Assessment.
  • Satisfy the Florida statutory requirements for CLAST.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory (C or better) performance on a selection of coursework from each of the 4000-level astronomy courses as graded by a faculty committee independently of the instructor and not as part of the course grade.
Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)
  1. Know fundamentals of physics, including modern physics.
  2. Know mathematics at the level of multivariable calculus.
  3. Know basic concepts, theories and experimental findings about planetary systems, stars, stellar systems and cosmology.
  4. Know scientific methodology and its application, the use of observations in testing hypotheses and the limitations of astronomical observations.
  5. Evaluate significance and quality of information from either observations or literature, and use it critically.
  6. Articulate research results clearly in speech and in writing in an appropriate style of presentation.

Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
AST 3018     X      
AST 3019     X      
AST 3722C       X X X
AST 4112     X X    
AST 4211     X X    
AST 4300     X X X X
AST 4402     X X X X
AST 4723C       X X  
AST 4905         X X
MAC 2311   X        
MAC 2312   X        
MAC 2313   X        
PHY 2048 X          
PHY 2048L X     X X X
PHY 2049 X          
PHY 2049L X     X X X
PHY 2464 X          
PHY 3101 X          
PHY 3221 X          
PHY 3323 X          
PHY 3513 X          
PHY 4222 X          
PHY 4324 X          
PHY 4422 X          
PHY 4523 X          
PHY 4604 X          

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