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2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Learning Compact

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Family, Youth and Community Sciences
Description of the Major
This major takes an interdisciplinary approach to the applied social sciences and prepares you for a career in professions that strengthen families, children, youth and communities. Your knowledge and skills will be developed through foundation courses in sociology, psychology and economics; through advanced courses in family, youth and community development; and through specialized courses in prevention and intervention. You will be able to evaluate strategies, integrate knowledge of ethical standards and use professional skills for handling contemporary problems.

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Before Graduating You Must
  • Pass an exam on fundamental concepts given as part of FYC 4931.
  • Pass AEE 3030C and AEE 3033C.
  • Complete a final project, including a written report and oral presentation, for FYC 4931.
  • Complete the practicum course FYC 4941 with performance evaluations completed by agency supervisors.
  • Satisfy the Florida statutory requirements for CLAST.
  • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.
Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)
  1. Explain, utilize and apply the guiding framework of human ecology and other related theories to contribute to positive outcomes for diverse families, youth and communities at home and abroad.
  2. Identify, evaluate, interpret and apply current research findings relevant to families, youth and communities.
  3. Integrate professional skills, ethical standards and knowledge needed to participate in and to provide leadership in civic and professional life.
  4. Create, interpret and analyze written text, oral messages and multimedia presentations used in agricultural and life sciences and in family, youth and community sciences.

Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
AEE 3030C       X
AEE 3033C       X
FYC 3001 X X X  
FYC 3101 X X    
FYC 3112 X X    
FYC 3201 X X    
FYC 3401 X      
FYC 4126 X X X  
FYC 4212 X X X  
FYC 4622 X      
FYC 4801   X    
FYC 4931 X X   X
FYC 4941 X   X  

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