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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog


Extension Education
Hours: 15 credits

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The extension education minor supplements the major and prepares students for careers in the cooperative extension service. The minor offers course work in nonformal and formal educational methods, adult education, leadership, youth programs and communication methods, along with field experience.

With adviser approval, all undergraduates in the college are eligible for this minor. Students in other colleges can also enroll with approval of the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.

Required Courses

AEE 3313 Development and Role of Extension Education3
AEE 4500 Program Development and Evaluation OR
FYC 4662 Planning and Evaluating Family, Youth and Community Science Programs
AEE 4506 Nonformal Teaching Methods and Delivery Strategies3

Electives: select two courses

AEE 3073 Intercultural Communication3
AEE 3413 Working with People: Interpersonal Leadership Skills3
AEE 3414 Leadership Development3
AEE 4031 The Communication Process in Agricultural and Life Sciences3
AEE 4052 Communication Campaign Strategies in Agricultural and Life Sciences3
AEE 4434 Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams3
AEE 4944 Cooperative Extension Internship (Students may count only three credits toward their minor.)3-6