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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog


Soil and Water Science
Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades of C or better

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

This minor must include SOS 3022, Introduction to Soils in the Environment, and the lab SOS 3022L.

Additional SOS-designated courses in the minor must be approved in writing at least two semesters before graduation by the academic adviser and the undergraduate coordinator in soil and water science.


ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality3
SOS 2007 The World of Water3
SOS 2008 Humans, Soils and Environmental Impact3
SOS 3023L Soil Judging2
SOS 4116 Environmental Nutrient Management3
SOS 4223 Environmental Biogeochemistry3
SOS 4233 Soil and Water Conservation3
SOS 4244 Wetlands3
SOS 4245 Water Resource Stability3
SOS 4303C Soil Microbial Ecology3
SOS 4307 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens3
SOS 4451 Soil and Water Chemistry3
SOS 4905 Individual Work1-3
SOS 4932 Special Topics in Soil and Water Science1-3

Fifteen credit hours are needed in soils courses for you to be certified as a soil scientist and/or work for the federal government as a soil scientist. Some courses offered in soil and water science will not be accepted for certification or to work for the federal government. Please visit the undergraduate coordinator for more information.