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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog


Sustainability Studies
Hours: 18 credits, all completed with grades of C or better

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The interdisciplinary minor, which benefits from the teaching and research of faculty from multiple departments and colleges, is designed to complement any major.

Students may apply to enroll in IDS 4940, Sustainability in Action, a 3-credit capstone course that has a service learning, internship or integrative research project component. Students accepted into this capstone course need only complete four courses (12 credits) selected from the four clusters listed below.

Please refer to the website for detailed information or contact Dr. Les Thiele (Department of Political Science) at for advising.

Required Course: 3 credits

IDS 2935 Facets of Sustainability 3

Other Courses: 12-15 credits; take 4-5 courses, one from each cluster

Cluster A: Ethics, Culture & Human Behavior
AEB 4126 Cultural and Natural Resource Ethics 3
AMH 3630 American Environmental History 3
ANT 4403 Environment and Cultural Behavior 3
EES 3000 Environmental Science and Humanity 3
PHI 3633 Bioethics 3
PHM 3032 Ethics and Ecology 3
REL 2104 Environmental Ethics 3
REL 3492 Religion, Ethics and Nature 3
REL 4173 Religion, Ethics and Sustainable Agriculture 3
SYD 4510 Environment and Society 3
SYD 4512 Social Institutions and Environment 3
WIS 2552 Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspectives 3
WIS 4523 Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation 3
WST 3349 Ecofeminism 3
Cluster B: Economics, Law and Policy
AEB 2450 Valuing Environmental Protection in Florida 3
AEB 3450 Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 3
AEB 4123 Agricultural and Natural Resource Law 3
AEB 4274 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy 3
AEB 4454 Contemporary Issues in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 3
AEB 4931 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (special topics) 1-3
ECP 3302 Environmental Economics and Resource Policy 4
EUH 3683 The History of Consumption 3
FOR 4664 Sustainable Ecotourism Development 3
GEO 3372 Conservation of Resources 3
INR 4350 International Environmental Relations 3
POT 3503 Environmental Ethics and Politics 3
PUP 3204 Politics and Ecology 3
SYA 4930 Consumption, Economy and Society 3
Cluster C: Production Systems and the Built Environment
AGG 3501 Environment, Food and Society 3
ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality 3
AOM 2520 Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future 3
ART 3843 Environmental Site-Specific Art 3
BCN 1582 International Sustainable Development 3
BCN 3735 Construction, Safety, Health and the Environment 3
EES 3008 Energy and Environment 3
EES 4050 Environmental Planning and Design 3
EES 4316 Industrial Ecology 3
ENV 4612 Green Engineering Design and Sustainability 3
HOS 3281C Principles of Organic and Sustainable Crop Production 3
SOS 2008 Humans, Soils and Environmental Impact 3
SOS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use 3
SOS 4245 Water Resource Sustainability 3
URP 4000 Preview of Urban and Regional Planning 3
Cluster D: Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
BOT 2800C Plants in Human Affairs 3
EVS 3000 Environmental Science 3
FOR 2662 Forests for the Future 3
FOR 3004 Forests, Conservation and People 3
GEO 2200 Physical Geography 3
GEO 3250 Climatology 3
GEO 3352 The Human Footprint on the Landscape 3
GLY 2010C Physical Geology 4
GLY 2030C Environmental and Engineering Geology 3
GLY 2038C Geology and the Environment 4
GLY 2080C Introduction to Marine Science 4
ORH 3000 Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration 4
PCB 3034C Introduction to Ecology 4
PCB 3601C Plant Ecology 3
WIS 3401 Wildlife Ecology and Management 3