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The specific requirements for each major follow. Courses that satisfy general education requirements have been listed in the appropriate category. In some cases, the listed courses are not sufficient to complete the general education requirement and the student must take another course. The courses listed represent the most expedient way to fulfill graduation requirements. However, the student may satisfy the requirements with alternative course sequences.

A short, online Chemistry Readiness Assessment (CHRA) is on ISIS at www.ISIS.ufl.edu. Students will be able to evaluate their current chemistry skills before registration. For those with good scores on the Readiness Assessment, CHM 2045 and CHM 2045L are recommended.

A similar online calculus readiness assessment (CRA) is available for math on ISIS. For the calculus requirement, students may take either MAC 1147, Pre-Calculus, or MAC 1140 and MAC 1114 before enrolling in calculus, or they may take a higher-level calculus course.

The college requires all students to complete an oral and written communication requirement above the general requirement. In majors where an equivalency is permitted, students should see their advisers for approved alternative courses. When majors list specific courses, students must select from those courses.

Critical Tracking Criteria

Students who do not complete the appropriate number of tracking courses each semester will have a hold placed on their record preventing advance registration until they have met with an adviser and have agreed to enroll in appropriate tracking courses the following semester.

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