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The College of Education is responsible for teacher education at the University of Florida. The State of Florida Department of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education approve UF’s teacher education programs.

UF teacher preparation programs include:

  • Unified elementary/special education
  • Unified early childhood education
  • Secondary education: English, Science and Social Science Education

In the program areas of unified elementary/special education, unified early childhood education and the various areas of secondary education, students will be recommended for initial teacher certification when they have completed an additional year of academic study in the College of Education, which may lead to the Master of Education degree.

  • Agricultural education
  • Art and music education
  • Exercise and sport sciences and health science education

In the program areas of agricultural education, art education, health science education, music education and exercise and sport sciences, students will be recommended for initial teacher certification upon completion of the bachelor’s degree.

Higher Education Act (1998)

The Higher Education Act (U.S. Department of Education) addresses accountability requirements for teacher preparation programs. The Act mandates that teacher preparation programs publish annually pertinent program information including but not limited to the following: (a) program accreditation; (b) pass rates of graduates on state teacher certification assessments; and (c) programs that have been designated as low performing by the State. In accordance with this act, information about the state- and NCATE-accredited teacher preparation programs at UF can be accessed at the College of Education Web site (www.coe.ufl.edu). A printed copy of this information can be provided upon request.

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