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2003 - 2004
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Art and Art History Programs of Study

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Art Fundamentals courses consists of:

  1. Drawing choose 1:
  2. a. ART2305c Drawing: Form/Space

    b. ART2930c Figure Drawing

  3. 2D choose 1:
  4. a. GRA2111c Graphic Design:Vis Dynamics

    b. ART2401c Printmaking Figure-Ground

    c. ART2500c Painting Investigations B/W

  5. 3D choose 1:

a. ART2757c Ceramics 3D Conceptualization

b. ART2701c Sculpture Form and Space

4. Color Theory choose 1:

a. ART2501c Painting Invest. In Color

b. ART 2402c Printmaking: Color Theory

5. 4D choose 1:

a. ART2621c Computer Art Montage

b. ART2522c Video Art Montage

c. ART2930c Sculpture Spatial Interventions

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