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Degree Requirements

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To be eligible for graduation, the student must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C) for all work attempted in the appropriate curriculum while classified in the college (2.5 for music education, 3.0 for art and art education). Courses taken while enrolled in another college are not part of this average. Specific grade requirements for various curricula may be obtained from the department or deanís office.

In addition to professional programs in the arts, the college confers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) with major study in the following areas: music (performance, theory/music history, or ethnomusicology), digital arts and sciences, general visual arts studies, general theatre studies, art history, and art education.

Residence Requirement

The last 30 semester hours applied toward a degree must be completed in residence in the college. This requirement may be waived only in special cases and must be approved in advance.

To petition, a student must have completed most of the junior/senior level course work. No courses in the major can be taken by correspondence, home study or extension. UF/college-approved study abroad may be exempted, if approved in advance.

Graduating with Honors

The faculty will consider recommending students for graduation with honors (cum laude), high honors (magna cum laude) or highest honors (summa cum laude) on the following criteria: grade point average, distribution and quality of subject matter studied, faculty evaluation and other pertinent qualities.

The student will be considered for cum laude distinction with a 3.4 minimum academic average; or a 3.75 academic average for magna or summa cum laude distinctions. The average will be calculated on all work attempted while the student is classified 3FA and 4FA. Postbaccalaureate students are not eligible for any honors. Transfer credits will be excluded from the average.

Superior students should consult their academic adviser about the requirements for magna or summa cum laude distinctions. In addition to the required grade point average, they also must complete 48 semester hours (honors, high, highest) at UF and complete a written thesis or creative project. On the basis of this work, the department will recommend the distinction awarded.

Art: Students eligible for magna or summa cum laude distinctions will be notified in writing. Magna and summa cum laude candidates in studio, graphic design and art education will be required to submit a portfolio of 10 to 15, 35-mm slides representing their work in the major. Art history candidates must submit a research paper prepared with the guidance of the area faculty. Art education candidates will submit their teaching portfolio created under the direction of their faculty supervisor. Candidates for the B.A. in general art studies will submit a portfolio or paper in their area of concentration.

Music: Students majoring in music performance may be required to complete the performerís certificate. Students in music education, music history/literature, performance, theory/composition, in combination with outside field, or a candidate for the BA in music will submit an independent creative or research project under the guidance of area faculty. Students in music education must complete the independent creative or research project before the semester they student teach.

Theatre/Dance: Theatre/dance majors who qualify for magna or summa cum laude will be notified in writing by the undergraduate adviser. To be eligible to receive magna cum laude or summa cum laude recognition, BFA candidates will complete a significant performance/production project as determined by area faculty. Students should consult their adviser for details.

Candidates for the BA in General Theatre will be required to submit an independent creative or research project under the guidance of faculty in his or her respective area. Please see an adviser for specific information.

Student Work

The college reserves the right to retain student work for the purpose of record, exhibition or instruction.

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