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Health Science

The Health Science track in the Bachelor of Health Science Program is designed for students whose career goal is to work in health care, particularly for those who want to become health care providers. Didactic and experiential activities are incorporated into the curriculum in order for students to learn foundation skills necessary for success in the dynamic health environment. Students have the opportunity to learn about the health care system, different diseases and disabilities, the role of the health care provider in prevention and treatment, health-related research, effective leadership, patient-provider, communication, critical-thinking skills important to clinical problem solving, and bioethical and legal issues impacting health care. Students complement core courses with electives, rounding out the student’s academic skills and interests.

Upon successful completion of the Health Science track, students receive a Bachelor of Health Science degree. Students typically pursue graduate or professional training in a health field (e.g. occupational therapy, physical therapy, medicine, physician assistant, health administration, dentistry, public health, etc.). A few students seek employment in hospital or related community organizations after completion of the BHS.

Course Sequence

There are four course tracks in the health science program – health science general; health science pre-professional school; health science pre-OT; and health science pre-PT. Please pick the track that approximates your career plans most closely. The health science general track is designed for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in fields, such as health administration and public health that do not require significant basic science course work. The second health science track – the preprofessional track -- is designed for students interested in pursuing professional careers, such as medicine, physician assistant, and dentistry that require strong basic science backgrounds. The last two tracks are designed specifically for pre-OT and pre-PT majors, respectively.

The specialty tracks are designed to include the prerequisites needed for the graduate level/ professional programs at UF in addition to the prerequisites for health science.

Each track incorporates general education requirements and health science prerequisites. All health science tracks accept AP, IB, or CLEP credit for one prerequisite course only. All other prerequisite courses must be completed with grades at the University level. Please consult a college adviser if you need assistance or have questions about a specific course schedule.

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