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Health Science Education

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Completion of the health science education program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education. Opportunities are available for specialization in one or more areas in health science education. Students are prepared for a variety of health career opportunities such as health education specialists with government, municipal, industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, voluntary health and health care delivery organizations.

Completion of the courses required for teaching certification also prepares students to serve as teachers of health and related life sciences in schools and colleges and as coordinators of school health programs. Many different bases of employment for health educators require completion of the teaching credential.

Students must complete the general education requirement, the preprofessional core and the professional health science education core.

Preprofessional Requirements for Freshmen and Sophomores

All students are encouraged to complete the general education and health science education preprofessional requirements before reaching 60 credit hours to ensure all course prerequisites are met. The preprofessional requirements include:

  • 3 credits in statistics, STA2023
  • 3 credits in general psychology, PSY 2012
  • 3 credits in personal/family health, HSC 2100
  • 3 credits in general sociology, SYG 2000, or social problems, SYG 2010
  • 3 credits in public speaking, AEE 3030C or SPC 2600
  • 4 credits in human anatomy, PET2320C
  • 4 credits in human physiology, PET2350C
  • 3 credits in human nutrition, HUN 2201

In addition, students pursuing school health education should complete the following before reaching 60 credit hours:

  • 3 credits in Introduction to Education, EDF 1005
  • 3 credits in Teaching Diverse Populations, EDG 2701
  • 3 credits in Introduction to Educational Technology, EME 2040
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