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Asian Studies

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At present the requirements for the major and minor are being revised. Please consult the Asian Studies Program or Academic Advising for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for requirements.

The Major: The B.A. in Asian studies requires a second-year proficiency in an Asian language and the completion of 24 semester hours of non-language Asia-related courses. The language requirement may be fulfilled by completing the second-year level courses in either Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese (CHI 2200-2201, JPN 2200-2201, or VTN 2200-2201).

Native speakers with a second-year proficiency in one Asian language may be required to complete course work in a second language. Eightenn of the 24 non-language semester hours must be at the 3000 level or above. No more than 12 hours of courses from any one department may be included in the 24 non-language hours. A grade of C or better is required for all courses.

Honors: To graduate cum laude, students must have at least a 3.5 GPA in their courses for the major and in their overall junior/senior course work. To graduate magna cum laude (high honors) or summa cum laude (highest honors), students must write an honors thesis through ASN 4935 under the guidance of an Asian studies program faculty member.

The Alice M. Zirger Memorial Scholarship in Asian Studies is awarded each spring to an outstanding major, minor or certificate student. Preference is given to female and nontraditional students. Applicants must have completed or be completing the second-year level of Asian language. For further information, contact the Asian Studies program.

The Minor: There are two options:

Option 1: 15 semester hours in non-language Asia-related courses.

Option 2: Completion of the two-semester sequence of beginning Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese (CHI 1120-21, JPN 1120-21, VTN 1120-21) and 12 hours of non-language Asia-related courses. Language credits earned at other institutions may be accepted.

Overseas Study: Credits in Asian studies may be earned through programs at Kansai Gaidai (Osaka), Kokugakuin (Tokyo), National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei) and Shaanxi Teachers University (Xian). For information, contact the UF International Center in 123 Grinter.

General Education: Most Asian studies courses meet the international and diversity requirement and may fulfill other categories.

Courses: Students are encouraged to elect several courses that develop understanding of more than one Asian region.

General Asia: AMH 3523, ASH 3930, HUM 2518, ASN 2001, ENG 4133 (when concentration is Asia), ASN 4935, POS 4931, REL 2002, REL 3938 (when concentration is Asia), REL 4147 (when concentration is Asia), and REL 4930.

East Asia: ASH 2023, 2033, 3402, 3404, 3442, 5388; CHI 3500, 4850; CHT 3110, 3124, 4111; CPO 3513;JPN 3391, 3730, 4850; JPT 3100, 3120, 3121, 3130, 3140, 3150, 3500, 4502; ECS 4203; and FOL 3932.

Also languages: JPN 1120, 1121, 2200, 2201; CHI 1120, 1121, 2200, and 2201.

India and Southeast Asia: AMH 3544; ASH 3521, 3550; REL 3330, 3336 and 4930.

Individual study and special topics courses dealing with Asia may be used for the major and minor requirements with approval of the Asian studies faculty.

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