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Biochemistry (Department of Chemistry)

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Please see a description of this option under the chemistry section.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the College of Medicine offers an interdisciplinary studies major in biochemistry and molecular biology. This major is designed for students with a strong interest in molecular genetics, cell processes, molecular biology, metabolism, physical biochemistry, structural biology, biomedicine, or other health sciences. Further information is available at the above Web Site. An application and general information are available from the interdisciplinary studies director in 2014 Turlington Hall. Generally, application should be made during the first semester of the junior year. A 3.1 GPA is required.

Course requirements for the program include general biochemistry (BCH 4024, CHM 3218, or CHM 4207), genetics, cell biology, physical chemistry and advanced biochemistry. The last requirement is satisfied by one of the following biochemistry and molecular biology offerings: BCH 5413, BCH 6206, or BCH 6740. Electives include advanced undergraduate offerings of the departments of botany, chemistry, computer science, microbiology and cell science, psychology, neuroscience, and zoology. Research is an important aspect of the program; therefore, students take at least two semesters of BCH 4905 (Biochemistry Senior Research), and submit a senior thesis. Students not yet accepted into the IDS program may obtain laboratory research experience by registering for BMS 4905 with department approval.

Information on research opportunities and advanced study, and permission to apply to the IDS program are available from the director of the IDS program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, email: rjcohen@college.med.ufl.edu.

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