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The following programs award a certificate for completion of a prescribed program of study and recommendation of the director and faculty.

African American Studies: An interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the historical experience and condition of peoples of African origin in America. Courses are offered by a number of departments, including anthropology, economics, English, history, music, political science and sociology.

The student must complete at least 18 credits from the courses offered, constructing a pattern of classes that fits the studentís interests in consultation with the program director. The student also must complete a department major and fulfill the requirements for graduation from this college.

For advice or information, contact the program director, Dr. Daryl Scott, 330 Little Hall, 392-5724.

Environmental Studies: A certificate program is available to students with any major in the college. The program is designed for students concerned with environmental issues. Electives can be structured around an environmental theme, giving experience in an area that may expand career opportunities and increase the studentís knowledge of the physical environment.

A number of environmentally related courses requiring no prerequisites are included for non-science majors. Science majors can relate their major to current environmental problems through more advanced course work.

The environmental studies certificate requires a minimum of 12 credits of approved courses with at least one each from the social, physical and biological sciences to total nine to 12 credit hours.

An inventory of approved courses is available in 210 Carr Hall, 392-1566.

Gerontological Studies: The Center for Gerontological Studies awards an Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology to any student who completes the minor in gerontology. In addition, the center also offers a specialty certificate in human services and aging. This certificate is designed for students interested in careers in human services after completion of the B.A. or B.S. degree, and for students who plan to complete advanced degrees in fields related to counseling, social work or health. The certificate requires 18 credits and it is open to students with a major. Students who complete 15 hours of their course work from approved aging courses will also receive the minor.

The certificate program in human services and aging has four required courses, one of which is a 3-credit internship. Additional electives may be taken in human services courses or courses in aging. See www.geron.ufl.edu/Humanserv.htm about requirements and approved courses.

Latin American Studies: The Center for Latin American Studies, in cooperation with the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts and Journalism and Communications, offers an undergraduate certificate in Latin American studies. Through special arrangements, students in other colleges also may obtain the certificate.

The program is designed to supplement a major with broad cultural and language training appropriate for graduate work or a Latin America-related career in business, government or teaching. In general, it is for students who plan to live in Latin America, work with Latin Americans or interpret Latin American culture to others.

General requirements for the undergraduate certificate in Latin American studies are 24 credit hours in courses with Latin American emphasis. For additional information, specific requirements and a list of courses, students should contact Dr. Deborah Pacini, Center for Latin American Studies, 319 Grinter Hall, 392-0375.

Although the center does not offer an undergraduate major in Latin American studies, faculty affiliated with the center will work with students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who wish to develop an individual interdisciplinary major with a Latin American emphasis.

Russian and East European Area Studies: The program in Russian and East European area studies provides a broad foundation for graduate work in the field and careers in government service.

The program is based on a major in economics, geography, history, philosophy, political science, religion or foreign languages. Students must complete a total of 24 semester hours in the area, including 10 hours of Russian or an East European language or demonstrate an equivalent reading knowledge of a language in the area.

The program must include at least 14 additional hours selected from relevant courses approved by the program adviser. A maximum of 10 hours from the major may be used to fulfill the 24-hour area requirement. Students are encouraged to diversify their program to include at least one course in economics, history, political science and Russian or East European culture or literature. Students are also encouraged to participate in an overseas study program.

Interested students should contact Dr. James F. Morrison, 3343 Turlington, 392-4230.

Noncredit Program

English Language Institute: A full-time noncredit, nondegree program in English as a second language is available to foreign students with some knowledge of the language who wish to increase their competence.

The program may be taken any semester by students from abroad who plan to attend a university in the United States. Further information is available from Dr. Jean Casagrande, 315 Norman Hall, 392-3354.

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