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Requirements for graduation from the BSN program include:

  • Completion of 124 credits, including 64 junior-/senior-level credits. The last 64 credits of required nursing courses must be taken at UF and in the College of Nursing.
  • A grade of C or better in each nursing course.
  • Completion of an achievement exam during the senior year.
  • Adherence to the standards of acceptable conduct as outlined in the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, the Florida Nurse Practice Act, as well as in the University of Florida Student Guide and the Undergraduate Catalog.


The purpose of the honors program is to provide unique and challenging experiences for students who have exhibited exceptional academic ability as well as professional behavior and conduct to develop creativity and skill in scientific inquiry. The honors program provides opportunity for research, service and other creative endeavors with professionals in various fields. Senior students with a GPA of 3.2 in NUR courses and a grade of B in NUR 4165 may apply each fall semester and must register for the required Honors Seminar in nursing course in the final spring semester of the BSN curriculum.

Students must have a final GPA of 3.2 to graduate cum laude (with honors), a final GPA of 3.6 to graduate magna cum laude (with high honors), and a final GPA of 3.8 to graduate summa cum laude (with highest honors). In addition, all students graduating with any of the above-mentioned distinctions must participate in Honors Seminar, make an oral presentation on an honors project, and submit an approved honors thesis. To graduate cum laude, students must submit a written thesis to the collegeís Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Students graduating with the distinctions of magna or summa cum laude also must submit their honors thesis to the University of Florida Honors Office.


Upon satisfactory completion of the baccalaureate curriculum, the graduate will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is eligible to apply for the N-CLEX examination for state licensure as a registered nurse.

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