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Agricultural and Life Sciences – General

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

ALS 1001 Introduction to Careers in the Agricultural Sciences.

Credits: 1; Prereq: Freshman or sophomore standing only.

An introduction to the various educational programs within the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences with special emphasis on programs of study, academic requirements, professional standards and career opportunities.

ALS 2931 Agricultural Honors.

Credits: 1 to 4; May be repeated with a change in content.

Various courses offered. GR-E†

ALS 2933 Current Topics in Agriculture.

Credits: 3.

An overview of contemporary issues and regulations facing the citrus industry in general.

ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality.

Credits: 3.

Analysis of effects of agriculture on environmental quality; emphasis on agricultural wastes and practices; potential for using agricultural systems for disposal of other wastes; effects of pollution on the agricultural environment.

ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology.

Credits: 3.

An introduction to the study of ecology from an agricultural perspective. Ecological principles are emphasized, with examples and applications from agriculture.

ALS 3203 PC Use in Agriculture.

Credits: 3.

Introduction to PC computer skills, file management, software application, hardware, purchasing your own PC system. Focus is on the use of computers for preparing documents and presentations.

ALS 4085 Agricultural Risk Management and the Law.

Credits: 2.

To develop an understanding of the basic concepts of common and statutory law. To identify and address current legal issues of importance at the personnel and professional level. To develop an understanding of risk and the solutions for managing risks. To interrelate the concepts of risk management and law in limiting exposure to legal liability.

ALS 4404 International Studies.

Credits: 1 to 15; Prereq: Sophomore standing/minimum 18 years old.

Supervised study abroad.

ALS 4905 Problems in Agriculture.

Credits: 1 to 3; Prereq: Consent of dean and instructor. May be repeated with a change in content for a maximum of 6 credits.

Individual study in agriculture.

ALS 4909 Honors Project.

Credits: 1 to 6; Prereq: Must be admitted to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ Honors Program. 3.5 GPA or greater. May be repeated for up to six credits.

An individual special project course restricted to students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ Honors Program. Students will complete a project on a selected topic, issue, or problem. Projects may relate to research, teaching, or extension. The project will be reviewed by at least two faculty members chosen by the honors coordinator.

ALS 4921 Honors Colloquium.

Credits: 3; Prereq: 3.5 overall GPA or greater.

This course is designed to stimulate exceptional students from a variety of backgrounds to think creatively about real world problems that threaten the sustainability of today’s society. Creative but practical problem solving emphasizing critical thinking, critical appreciation of epistemological diversity, and the need for better communication is stressed. During the second and third sections of the course, invited guest speakers provide the basis for examination of intra- versus inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to problem solving. Students will see how their own work (honors projects, proposed graduate and professional study, and career goals) can contribute meaningfully to attainment of societal goals. GR-E†

ALS 4932 Special Topics.

Credits: 1 to 3; May be repeated with change in subject matter.

Variable subject content providing for the study of agricultural topics not offered in other courses.

ALS 4941 Full-time Practical Work Experience in Agriculture.

Credits: 1 to 4††; Prior arrangement with adviser, and Dean’s Office.

Variable subject content providing for the study of agricultural topics not offered in other courses.

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