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Ridgdill, G.D., Director; Gundersen, M.G., Assistant Director and Undergraduate Adviser; Shaw, L.G., Assistant Director; Bitz, D.H.; Cappellari, F.G.; Clark, N.; Cohen, D.; Dasta, A.J.; Dietz, S.; Gold, M.; Hill, O.W.; Hofer, A.; Kemp, H.W.; Kuenstle, M.; Luoni, S.; MacLeod, R.M.; Maze, J.; McCarter, R.S.; McGlothlin, M.; Parker, A.B.; Perez-Mendez, A.; Pohlman, R.W.; Prugh, P.E.; Sanders, N.; Sidhu, S.; Siebein, G.; Steinmetz R.; Stocco, F.; Tanzer, K.M.; Thorne, K.S.; Tilson, W.L.; Voichysonk, B.F.; White, T.R.; Winarsky, I.H.

ARC 1301 Architecture Design 1.

Credits: 4; Prereq: Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture majors only or by permission of the College Academic Advising Center, 331 ARCH.

An introductory course interfacing communication skills with design thinking. Emphasis is on the awareness and understanding of basic organization ideas in design.

ARC 1302 Architectural Design 2.

Credits: 4; Prereq: ARC 1301.

An analysis course that uses the study of architectural precedent as a foundation for the development of communication and design skills.

ARC 1701 Architectural History 1.

Credits: 3.

A general survey of social, political and cultural factors which have generated art and architecture. (H, I) GR-Eć

ARC 1702 Architectural History 2.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 1301 or ARC 4072.

A review of the buildings and architects of modern and postmodern culture. (H, I)

ARC 2180 Introduction to Digital Architecture.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 2303 or ARC 4071.

Introduction to computer-aided design programs currently utilized by professional practices.

ARC 2201 Theory of Architecture 1.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 2303 or ARC 4071.

A critical study of the processes that influence the form and image of architecture, with an emphasis on an understanding of ordering principles and concepts of how space and architecture systems are interrelated. (H)

ARC 2303 Architectural Design 3.

Credits: 5; Prereq: ARC 1302.

Studio course explores the influence of history and culture on design decision-making.

ARC 2304 Architectural Design 4.

Credits: 5; Prereq: ARC 2303.

Context is explored as a generator of architectural design ideas. Contemporary cultural influences also are examined and incorporated in the design process.

ARC 2461 Materials and Methods of Construction 1.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 2304.

The nature of materials used in construction. Criteria for evaluation and selection related to design decision-making.

ARC 3022 Introduction to Architectural Photography.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ARC 3320.

Introduction to the processes and techniques of photography as a medium for architectural documentation.

ARC 3181 Advanced Topics in Digital Architecture.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ARC 2180.

Continued investigation of computer-aided design programs currently utilized by professional practices.

ARC 3291 Special Studies in Architecture.

Credits: 1 to 6; Prereq: Completion of lower division in Architecture and recommendation of adviser. Student may repeat with a change of topic.

Special studies in architecture adjusted to individual needs of undergraduate students.

ARC 3320 Architectural Design 5.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC2304.

Architectural design and its relationship to regional contectural influences are investigated through a range of projects which vary in scale and complexity.

ARC 3321 Architectural Design 6.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 3320.

Architectural design within a large scale urban context. Theory, methodology, and evolution of urban form in response to social, cultural, economic and technological forces.

ARC 3463 Materials and Methods of Construction 2.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 4323 or ARC 4073.

Methods of assembling and selecting materials; detailed systems of construction will be investigated.

ARC 3503 Architectural Structures 1.

Credits:3; Prereq: PHY 2004 or PHY 2053; Coreq: ARC 3320 or ARC 4073.

A foundation course that investigates principles of structural behavior in withstanding gravity and lateral forces; consider structural layout, load distribution, and preliminary design techniques; and examines contemporary structural systems through case studies emphasizing trussed, framed, funicular and shell structural systems.

ARC 3610 Environmental Technology 1.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 3321 or ARC 4074.

Principles and practices relating to control of the thermal/atmospheric environment and to plumbing in buildings.

ARC 4071 Core Studio 1.

Credits: 6.

Introduction to a variety of design techniques, including design theory, three-dimensional development and spatial relationships.

ARC 4072 Core Studio 2.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 4071.

Continuation of Core Studio 1 with increased emphasis on manipulation of architectural elements.

ARC 4073 Core Studio 3.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 4072.

Studio projects related to program development, structural integration, energy analysis and introduction to mechanical integration systems.

ARC 4074 Core Studio 4.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 4073.

Continuation of Core Studio 3 with increased emphasis on complex building types.

ARC 4220 Architectural Theory 2.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 4322 or ARC 6241.

An investigation of the theoretical, historical and ideological ideas in architecture that took place during the early decades of the twentieth century.

ARC 4322 Architectural Design 7.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 3321.

Emphasis on the notion of control over architectural design processes in order to arrive at solutions that respond to needs through the appropriate use of program development and construction technology. This term emphasizes the complete building as a final product, and focuses on the urban and suburban housing project.

ARC 4323 Architectural Design 8.

Credits: 6; Prereq: ARC 4322.

Architecture design focus on architectural detail and articulation. An investigation of landscape provides the context for this study.

ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2.

Credits: 3; Coreq: ARC 4322 or ARC 6241.

Fundamentals of architectural lighting, acoustics, electrical power distribution and building communications.

ARC 4941 Architectural Education.

Credits: 2; Prereq: ARC 3321.

Provides an awareness of curriculum development, project preparation, program/project presentation, constructive criticism and evaluation techniques.

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