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2003 - 2004
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Asian Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Tsin, M., Director; Banerjee, S. (History); Blum-Reid, S. (Romance Languages); Chennault, C.L. (Chinese Literature); Chu, C.C., (Chinese and Linguistics); Foltz, R. (Religion); Fresh, E.L. (Chinese); He, B. (Chinese Language); Hulvey, S.Y. (Japanese Literature); Iorai, K. (Japanese Language); Karlin, J.G. (History); Kubota, S.A. (Japanese Language); McMahon, R. (History); Murphy, J.A. (Japanese Literature); Narayanan, V. (Religion); Nygren, S. (English/Film Studies); Pham, A.H. (Vietnamese); Poceski, M. (Religion); Renner, R. (Education); Rojas, C. (Chinese Literature); Schueller, M. (English); Thursby, G.R. (Religion); Toda, Y. (Economics); Turim, M. (English/Film Studies); Wayland, R. (Linguistics); Wehmeyer, A.K. (Japanese and Linguistics); Wiltshire, C. (Linguistics)

ASN 4905 Individual Study.

Credits: 1 to 5; Prereq: Consent of instructor. GR-Eć

ASN 4930 Special Topics in Asian Studies.

Credits: 3.

Proseminar of variable content providing an opportunity for in-depth study of special topics in Asian Studies.

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