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2003 - 2004
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Fine Arts

College of Fine Arts

HUM 2510 Design for Understanding the Visual and Performing Arts.

Credits: 3.

An analysis of the basic elements and concepts of the visual arts, music, theater, and the dance to establish a fundamental base on which decisions can be made about what one sees, hears, and feels. Understanding, appreciation, and literacy in the arts are developed and strengthened by participating in arts experiences. (H) GR-Eć

HUM 2511 Basic Fundamentals and Skills in the Visual Arts and Music.

Credits: 3.

Fundamentals of visual arts and of music needed by classroom teacher for teaching art and music in the elementary school. Students with sufficient background may exempt the course by examination.

HUM 2516 Artscape: Experiencing the Arts.

Credits: 3.

This course develops listening and observation skills as students attend arts events.

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