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2003 - 2004
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Jewish Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Wald, K., Director; Alter, N.; Balaban, A.; Comenetz, J.; Dagan, M.; Freifeld, A.; Giles, G.; Gordon, A.; Hasak-Lowy, T.; Hatav, G.; Hiers, R.; Hochman, L.; Isenberg, S.; Katz, H.; Kessler, G.; Kligerman, E.; Kushner, D.; Mueller, J.; Murray, G.; New, M.; Page, J.; Rothman, H.; Turim, M.; Woods, P.; Yariv, Y.; Undergraduate Coordinator: Wald, K.

Note: Certain courses on this list are special topics or rotating subjects. Students should make certain that the course taught under such headings has appropriate Jewish Studies content. The Center for Jewish Studies provides a list of courses each semester.

JST 2930 Special Topics in Jewish Studies.

Credits: 3 to 6.

Selected topics in the study of Jewish Civilization.

JST 3930 Special Topics in Jewish Studies.

Credits: 3; May be repeated with change of content up to a maximum of 12 credits.

Selected, variable topics in Jewish thought, history, literature and culture, such as classified Jewish texts, Jewish law, Jewish ethics, folklore, Hasidism, Holocaust literature. GR-E

JST 4905 Individual Work in Jewish Studies.

Credits: 1 to 3; May be repeated with change of topic up to a maximum of 6 credits.

For advanced students who desire to supplement regular courses by independent reading or research under guidance.

JST 4936 Colloquium in Jewish Studies.

Credits: 3; Prereq: REL 2600 or equivalent, Junior standing, permission of instructor.

Colloquium in Jewish Studies is designed to enhance the students knowledge of the development and significance of Jewish civilization in all its varied aspects. For Juniors and Seniors.

JST 4940 Internship in Jewish Studies.

Credits: 3; Prereq: REL 2600 or equivalent, permission of instructor and junior standing. May be repeated up to 6 hours. S/U only.

Preapproved internship with Jewish communal, educational or service institutions. Only 3 hours of JST 4940 may count toward the Jewish Studies major/minor.

JST 4956 Overseas Studies in Judaism.

Credits: 3.

This revolving topics course provides a mechanism by which course work taken abroad as part of an approved student program can be recorded on the transcript and counted toward graduation at UF.

JST 4970 Senior Honors Thesis.

Credits: 1 to 3; max. 3.

Directed research leading to the submission of an Honors essay. Work must be done under the supervision of a Jewish Studies faculty member. Students may register for one semester (3 credits) or for two semesters (1 and 2 credits respectively). Required for high or highest honors candidates.

AML 4685 Race and Ethnicity.

Credits: 3.

ANT 3241 Anthropology of Religion.

Credits: 3. (S, I)

CPO 4000 Politics of Israel.

Credits: 3 (S, I).

ENG 4135 Jews and Cinema.

Credits: 4.

EUH 3033 The History of the Holocaust.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

EUH 4464 Twentieth Century Germany.

Credits: 3. (H, I) GR-E

GEO 3424 Geography of the Jewish Population.

Credits: 3. (S)

HBR 1120 Beginning Modern Hebrew 1.

Credits: 5.

HBR 1121 Beginning Modern Hebrew 2.

Credits: 5.

HBR 2200 Second-Year Modern Hebrew 1.

Credits: 3.

HBR 2201 Second-Year Modern Hebrew 2.

Credits: 3.

HBR 3104 Biblical Hebrew.

Credits: 3.

HBR 3410 Third-Year Modern Hebrew 1.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

HBR 3411 Third-Year Modern Hebrew 2.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

HBR 4905 Individual Work.

Credits: 1 to 5.

HBR 4930 Special Topics.

Credits: 3

HBT 3110 Israeli Literature in Translation. S

Credits: 3. (H, I) GR-E

HMW 3200 Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature 1.

Credits: 3.

HMW 3201 Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature 2.

Credits: 3.

LIT 3173 Jewish Literature.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

MUH 3621 Jewish Art Music in Western Culture.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

POS 4291 Religion and Politics in the United States.

Credits: 3. GR-E

REL 2210 Hebrew Scriptures.

Credits: 3. (H)

REL 2600 Introduction to Judaism.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

REL 3321 Judaism and Christianity.

Credits: 3. (H, I) GR-E

REL 3392 Jewish Mysticism.

Credits: 3. (H) GR-E

REL 3938 Modern Jewish Thought.

Credits: 3. (H) GR-E

REL 4293 Special Topics in Biblical Studies.

Credits: 3. GR-E

REL 4490 Special Topics in Religious Thought.

Credits: 3. GR-E

REL 4625 Early Rabbinic Judaism.

Credits: 3. (H, I)

REL 4671 Gender and Judaism.

Credits: 3.

REL 4936 Comparative Mysticism

Credits: 3. GR-E

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