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Latin American Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Wood, C.H., Director; Espinosa, C., Associate Director; Barrados, E., Bruna, E., Kainer, K., McCoy, T.L.; Schmink, M.C.; Stepp, R.

In addition to the faculty members listed above, the Latin American studies faculty consists of more than 130 members from 40 departments who teach more than 125 undergraduate courses and certain graduate courses available to undergraduates in Latin American and Caribbean studies.

The Center for Latin American Studies offers both a minor and an undergraduate certificate in Latin American Studies in conjunction with a bachelorís degree in agriculture, architecture, business administration, education, fine arts, journalism and communications, liberal arts and sciences and others by arrangement.

For more information on the minor and the undergraduate certificate in Latin American Studies, visit the Center for Latin American Studies, and the International Center regarding study abroad options.

LAS 2001 Latin American Civilization.

Credits: 3.

Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of Latin American societies and cultures. The course serves to give the student a general knowledge of the Latin America area and its people as well as to provide a basis for future course work in Latin American Studies. (H, S, I)

LAS 4905 Individual Work.

Credits: 1 to 3; For undergraduates only. May be repeated with change of content up to a maximum of 10 credits.

Qualified students may choose a topic which focuses on the Latin America area but which cuts across disciplines. Prior consent is needed from instructor involved.

LAS 4935 Latin America Area Seminar.

Credits: 3; Prereq: Latin American area concentration. May be repeated with change of content up to a maximum of 9 credits.

A multidisciplinary seminar offered on a different topic each semester. Required of all minors and candidates for the undergraduate certificate in Latin American Studies.

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