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2003 - 2004
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Pharmacology and Therapeutics

College of Medicine


Baker, S.P., Chair; Belardinelli, L.; Borst, S.; Conroy, C.; Dennis, D.; Galli, S.; Garg, L.C.; Gelband, C.; Goldberg, E.; Greenberg, M.; Harrison, J.; Humphreys-Beher, M.; James, M.; Johnson, H.; Jones, H.C.; Kem, W.R.; Lenox, R.; Lowenthal, D.; Maren, T.H.; Meyer, E.M.; Millard, W.; Miller, T.; Neims, A.H.; Papke, R.; Petitto, J.; Richards, N.; Roberts, S.; Rowe, T.; Scarpace, P.J. Shiverick, K.T.; Siemann, D.J.; Silverman, D.N.; Simpkins, P.J.; Tu, C.; Tumer-Scarpace, N.; Vickroy, T.

PHA 4904 Pharmacology Research.

Credits: 2 to 8; Prereq: B-average and permission of the coordinator.

Laboratory or literature investigations of problems of current interest.

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