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2003 - 2004
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Health Science - Rehabilitative Services

College of Health Professions


Sawyer, H.W., Chair; Saxon, J.P.; Shaw, L.R.; Spitznagel, R.J.; Swett, E.A.; Young, M.E.; Saxon, J., Undergraduate Coordinator; Shaw, L., Graduate Coordinator

RCS 3030 Introduction to Rehabilitation and Human Services.

Credits: 3.

An examination of legislative history and social policies as they relate to rehabilitation and human services and their impact on persons with disabilities and exploration of various careers in rehabilitation and human services.

RCS 4061 Psychosocial Aspects of Rehabilitation.

Credits: 3.

Introduction to the psychological, social, vocational adjustment barriers and techniques used by individuals and society to overcome these hindrances to rehabilitation.

RCS 4240C Vocational Services in Health, Rehabilitation and Human Services.

Credits: 3.

Assessment for vocational potential and analysis of occupational settings directed toward training and work entry in health, rehabilitation and human services.

RCS 4300 Career Entry and Employment Techniques in Rehabilitation and Human Services.

Credits: 3; Prereq: Senior standing, majors only.

Development, procurement, and retention of careers and job alternatives with a focus on vocational options and employment in rehabilitation and human services.

RCS 4415L Therapeutic Communication Skills Lab.

Credits: 1; Prereq: majors only.

Basic concepts of interpersonal communication and psychological techniques as an aid to effective communication in rehabilitation and human services.

RCS 4451 Rehabilitation Aspects of Substance Abuse.

Credits: 3; Prereq: Senior standing, majors only.

Rehabilitation Counseling implications of alcohol and drug use in society and the work place. Emphasis on detection, treatment and follow-up services for individuals in the rehabilitation process.

RCS 4800 Rehabilitation and Human Services Practicum I.

Credits: 3; Prereq: majors only.

Development of the role of a rehabilitation and human services provider in an agency setting.

RCS 4804 Advanced Rehabilitative Services Practicum.

Credits: 3; Prereq: RCS 4800.

Provide advanced rehabilitation services in a rehabilitation services agency under supervision of agency staff.

RCS 4900 Individual Work.

Credits: 1 to 3.

RCS 4930 Special Topics in Rehabilitative Services.

Credit: 1 to 3, May be repeated with change of content to a maximum of 12 credits. Prereq: majors only.

Study of special and current topics in Rehabilitative Services.

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