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Evans, D.H., Chair; Ache, B.W.; Albert, J.; Bjorndal, K.A.; Bolker, B.; Braun, E.L.; Brockmann, H. J.; Chapman, C.A.; Chapman, L.J.; Emmel, T.C.; Guillette, L.J., Jr.; Holt, R.D.; Julian, D.; Kiltie, R.A.; Kimball, R.T.; King, F.W.; Lanciani, C.A.; Levey, D.; Lillywhite, H.; MacFadden, B.J.; Maturo, F.J.S., Jr.; McNab, B.K.; Miyamoto, M.M.; Osenberg, C.W.; Paulay, G.; Phelps, S.M.; Reiskind, J.; St. Mary, C.M.; Steadman, D.; Thompson, F.G.; Wayne, M.; Webb, S.D.; Wolff, R.G.; Undergraduate Coordinator: R. G. Wolff; Graduate Coordinator: C.A. Chapman

BSC 2425 Biotechnology and Human Affairs.

Credits: 3.

Technical applications in the life sciences and their anticipated consequences in various sectors of society. May not be counted for credit toward a major in zoology.

ENY 3005C Principles of Entomology.

Credits: 3.

An introduction to entomology with lectures and laboratories on insect structure, development, classification, habits and control. (B)

GLY 3603C Paleontology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: GLY 3105C.

An investigation of the history of life on earth, including aspects of invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology, micropaleontology and paleobotany.

PCB 2050 Genes and Gender.

Credits: 3.

Examines genetic studies of sex and gender. Includes central principles in genetics and discussion of the scientific method. Discusses topics such as chromosomal sex determination, genetic basis for sexual orientation, and evolution of gendered behaviors. Cross listed with WST 3930. Not a substitute for PCB 3063. May not be counted for credit toward a major in zoology. Offered Spring odd-numbered years. (B)

PCB 3063 Genetics.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L and General Chemistry.

The fundamental properties of inheritance in eukaryotic organisms emphasizing examples in man. Basic concepts are developed for the nature, organization, transmission, expression, recombination and function of genetic materials and principles are derived for genetically characterizing populations. (B)

PCB 4044C General Ecology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

Ecological processes and organization in terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Laboratory and field exercises emphasize techniques of ecological analysis. (B)

PCB 4674 Evolution.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

Processes and mechanisms of evolution, including population genetics, speciation, patterns of evolution and molecular evolution. (B)

PCB 4712 Comparative Biomechanics.

Credits: 3; Prereq: PHY 2048, PHY 2053L; BSC 2011-2011L.

The aim of this course is to review physical principles governing the form and function of organisms.

PCB 4723C Animal Physiology.

Credits: 5; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L, General Chemistry, General Physics or instructor’s permission.

Discussion of the processes and mechanisms of maintenance, activity and integration in animals, with emphasis on vertebrates. Laboratory experience in quantitative methods and techniques of physiological investigation.

ZOO 2203C Invertebrate Zoology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The structure, taxonomy, evolutionary relationships and life histories of the invertebrate animals. (B)

ZOO 2303C Vertebrate Zoology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The evolution, taxonomy, ecology and behavior of vertebrates. Emphasis is on the adaptations of wild animals to their natural habitats. Laboratory will include field trips. (B)

ZOO 3513C Animal Behavior.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The causes, origins and evolution of animal behavior emphasizing field observations and experiments on the behavior of a variety of animal groups. (B)

ZOO 3603C Comparative Chordate Embryology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The analysis of development of chordate organ systems accompanied by laboratory work dealing with the frog, chick and pig. (B)

ZOO 3713C Functional Vertebrate Anatomy.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The form and function of chordates accompanied by laboratory work dealing with a selected series of chordates. (B)

ZOO 4403C Field Problems in Marine Biology.

Credits: 4 to 6; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

Survey of major marine taxa, systematics of local marine fauna and flora, with familiarization of the marine environment. Laboratory emphasizes field work and independent projects.

ZOO 4435 Comparative Biology of Birds and Mammals.

Credits: 3; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

A comparison of the ecology, behavior, distribution and evolution of birds and mammals.

ZOO 4472C Avian Biology.

Credits: 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L.

The basic biological characteristics of birds, which, as exceptionally unique flying vertebrates, are confronted with a spectrum of problems in terms of anatomy, physiology, behavior, migration and population ecology. (B)

ZOO 4905 Individual Studies in Zoology.

Credits: 1 to 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L and consent of instructor. May be repeated for full credit.

Qualified students and the instructor concerned may choose a particular topic or problem for study.

ZOO 4926 Special Topics in Zoology.

Credits: 1 to 4; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L and consent of instructor. May be repeated up to a maximum of 8 credits with change of content.

Lectures, conferences or laboratory sessions covering selected topics of current interest in zoology.

ZOO 4940 Practical Experience in Teaching Zoology.

Credits: 2††; Prereq: Senior status with recommendations from the course instructor.

Participation in teaching approved Zoology courses with practical experience in instructional procedures, testing and grading, course and laboratory preparation and laboratory assistance. Cannot be used to satisfy minimum hour requirement for zoology major.

ZOO 4950 Writing in the Biological Sciences.

Credits: 3; Prereq: BSC 2010-2011 or equivalent, composition.

Principles of grammar, style and reader expectations applied to biological writing. These principles are elucidated as students analyze and edit excerpts from the biological literature. (C) GR-E†

ZOO 4956 Overseas Studies in Zoology.

Credits: 1 to 18; Prereq: BSC 2011-2011L and consent of undergraduate coordinator. Student must also follow regulations of the Office of International Studies and Programs. May be repeated up to a maximum of 12 hours.

This course number is used for courses in zoology, taken at foreign institutions, that have no comparable course in this department.


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