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JACKSON, ANDY, B.S. (University of Kentucky) Head Men's Tennis Coach (2001-2001).

JACKSON, JOHN LESLIE, JR., M.Ag. (University of Florida) Extension Agent IV, P.L., Citrus, Multi-County, Lake County (1968-1981).

JACKSON, JOSEPH S., J.D. (University of Florida) Lecturer, Legal Research and Writing (1999-1999).

JACKSON, L. SCOTT, M.S. (Texas A & M University) Extension Agent II, Sea Grant Okaloosa County (2000-2000).

JACKSON, LATRELLE D., Ph.D. (University of Georgia) Clinical Assistant Professor, University Counseling Center (1997-1997).

JACKSON, ROSEMARY, B.A. (Gannon University) Coordinator of clinical Programs in Pediatrics (2002-2002).

JACKSON, WILLIAM T., M.D. (University of Kansas) Professor and Associate Chairman of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation/(1999-1999).

JACOB, RAYMOND P., M.D. (University of Florida) Clinical Associate Professor (1992-1999).

JACOBS, ALAN MARTIN, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University) Professor of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering (1980-1982).

JACOBS, JENNIFER, Ph.D. (Cornell University) Assistant Professor of Civil and Coastal Engineering (1997-1997).

JACOBS, MICHELLE V., J.D. (Rutgers-Newark) Professor of Law (1993-1998).

JACOBS, WILLIAM S., M.D. (Medical College of Georgia) Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (1999-1999).

JACOBS-ELLIOT, MICHELLE, M.D. (University of Miami) Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (2000-2000).

JACOBSON, ELLIOTT R., Ph.D. (University of Missouri) Professor, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences (1979-1990).

JACOBSON, KENNETH L., B.A. (Bethel College) Coordinator, Physical Plant (1998-1999).

JACOBSON, NANCY, D.M.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Clinical Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry Jacksonville Dental Clinic. (1999-2001).

JACOBSON, SUSAN K., Ph.D. (Duke University) Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (1988-1999).

JACOBY, CHARLES A., Ph.D. (Stanford University) Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (2001-2001).

JAEGER, JOHN M., Ph.D. (State University of New York, Stony Brook) Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences (1999-1999).

JAGTAP, SHRIKANT S., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant In, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1998-1999).

JAMES, CHRISTOPHER M., Ph.D. (University of Michigan) William H. Dial/SunBank Eminent Scholar of Banking and Finance and Professor of Finance (1989-1989).

JAMES, DELORES C. S., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Professor of Health Science Education (1998-2001).

JAMES, MARGARET O., Ph.D. (University of London) Professor, and Chair Medicinal Chemistry (1980-1994).

JAMES, ROBERT C., Ph.D. (University of Utah) Associate Scientist, Department of Physiological Sciences (1988-1989).

JAMES, WILLIAM A., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Student Affairs, Division of Recreational Sports (Lake Wauburg) (1996-1996).

JAMESON, ALAN W., M.P.H. (University of Michigan) Associate Program Director and Lecturer, Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program (1991-2000).

JAMISON, MARK A., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Lecturer of Economics (1996-1996).

JANELLE, CHRISTOPHER M., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences (1997-1997).

JANELLE, GREGORY M., M.D. (Boston University School of Medicine) Assistant Professor and Chief of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology (1999-2002).

JANELLE, JENNIFER W., M.D. (University of Tennessee) Clinical Assistant Professor (1999-1999).

JANIEC, JERRY, B.S. (University of Florida) Physician Assistant in Pediatric Hematology (1978-1990).

JANISZEWSKI, CHRISTOPHER A., Ph.D. (Northwestern University) Professor of Marketing (1987-2002).

JANOWICH, RON, M.F.A. (Maryland Institute College of Art) Assistant Professor of Art (1998-1998).

JANOWITZ, BARBARA J., B.A. (University of Florida) Research Coordinator, IFAS Sponsored Programs (1984-2002).

JANTZ, MICHAEL A., M.D. (University of Washington) Assistant Professor (1999-1999).

JARKOV, SERGUEI, Ph.D. (Russian Federation, Inst. of Developmental Biology) Assistant Scientist (1998-1998).

JAUREGUI, CARLOS E., M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Statistical Research (1997-1997).

JAVAHERI, FARAMARZ, B.S.M.E. (University of Florida) Project Manager (1999-1999).

JAWITZ, JAMES W., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor of Soil and Water Science (2001-2001).

JENKINS, CATHERINE, B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Alumni Affairs (2001-2001).

JENKINS, DAVID A., P.E., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Engineer of Mechanical Aerospace and Engineering (1980-1980).

JENKINS, DAWN L., M.S. (University of Florida) Assistant Director, TREEO Center, Continuing Education (1987-1990).

JENKINS, DOLORES CHRISTINA, M.L.S. (Florida State University) Associate Librarian and Assistant Chair, Collection Management (1973-1978).

JENKINS, LAUREN J., B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Administrative Services (2002-2002).

JENNINGS, ARTHUR C., D.M.A. (University of Arizona) Associate Professor of Music (1985-1990).

JENNINGS, EDWARD W., M.A. (University of South Florida) County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, Livestock, Sumter (1984-1998).

JENSEN, CINDY M., B.A. (Vermont College, Norwich University) Coordinator, Student Financial Affairs (1994-1995).

JENSEN, NAN, M.S. (Florida State University) Extension Agent IV, Home Economics, Pinellas County (1975-1997).

JERMAINE, CHRISTOPHER M., Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology) Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (2002-2002).

JERNIGAN, LYNN R., B.S. (Mars Hill College) Coordinator, Administrative Services (1993-1999).

JERRELL, R. GREGORY, D.D.S. (University of Texas-Houston) Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry (1980-1985).

JESANO, RAE, M.S.L.S. (Florida State University) Instructor University Librarian, Health Science Center Library (2000-2000).

JESSUP, JAMES V., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Professor, College of Nursing (1994-1994).

JETT, DENNIS C., Ph.D. (University of the Witwatersrand) Dean and Lecturer, International Center (2000-2000).

JIANG, JIN, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut) Assistant Professor of Endodontics (2001-2001).

JIMENEZ, REYNALDO L., Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Associate Professor of Spanish (1981-1984).

JIMISON, LANE, B.A. (Kansas State University) Executive Director, Florida 4-H Foundation (1994-1996).

JIN, SHOUGUANG, Ph.D. (University of Washington) Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (1999-1999).

JOBES, AMANDA M., B.S. (University of Missouri) Accounting Coordinator III (1997-1997).

JOHNS, KAREN, M.S. (University of South Carolina) Head Softball Coach (2000-2000).

JOHNS, LEWIS E., JR., Ph.D. (Carnegie Institute of Technology) Professor of Chemical Engineering (1967-1980).

JOHNSON, BONNIE W., Ph.D. (University of Kansas) Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders (2001-2001).

JOHNSON, CALVIN M., Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Pathobiology (1992-1998).

JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER E., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) Assistant Professor in Health Services Administration (1998-1998).

JOHNSON, DONNA C., M.Ed. (University of Florida) Associate In Business and Director of Dudziak-McClintock Business Technology Center (1973-1998).

JOHNSON, DOUGLAS F., Ed.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Educational/Training Programs (2000-2000).

JOHNSON, DWAIN, Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Professor, Animal Sciences (1984-1995).

JOHNSON, EDWARD LEE, Ph.D. (University of Missouri) Associate Professor, Animal Sciences (1980-1985).

JOHNSON, FREDDIE A., Ph.D. (University of Florida) District Agent and Professor of Entomology (District Extension Director) Cooperative Extension Service (1971-1996).

JOHNSON, HOWARD M., Ph.D. (Ohio State University) Graduate Research Professor, Microbiology and Cell Science (1985-1988).

JOHNSON, III JAMES A., M.D. (Emory University) Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology (2000-2000).

JOHNSON, JAMES HARMON, Ph.D. (Northern Illinois University) Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology (1979-1987).

JOHNSON, JASMINE, M.Ed. (Georgia Southern), Residence Director, Housing (2002-2002).

JOHNSON, JON W., M.D. (Michigan State University) Assistant Professor of Surgery/UFHSCJ (2001-2001).

JOHNSON, JULIE., M.Ed. (Florida Atlantic University) University School Instructor, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (1997-1997).

JOHNSON, JULIE ANN, Pharm.D. (University of Texas at Austin) Professor and Chair, Pharmacy Practice (1998-2002).

JOHNSON, LEWIS, M.S. (University of Michigan) Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety, Head, Industrial Hygiene (1994-1994).

JOHNSON, MARTIN W., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Computer Applications, Florida Center for Library Automation (1981-1999).

JOHNSON, MELISSA L., M.Ed. (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Coordinator, Student Affairs (2001-2001).

JOHNSON, MICHAEL R., M.D. (Yale Medical School) Associate Professor in Psychiatry (2001-2001).

JOHNSON, REBECCA C., M.Ed. (University of Florida) Director, Continuing Education (1977-1996).

JOHNSON, RENEE J., Ph.D. (State University of New York-Stony Brook) Assistant Professor of Political Science (1997-1997).

JOHNSON, RICHARD D., Ph.D. (University of California, Davis) Professor, Department of Physiological Sciences (1986-1999).

JOHNSON, TIMOTHY S., Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Assistant Professor of Classics (1999-1999).

JOHNSTON, OTTO W., Ph.D. (Princeton University) Professor of German (1969-1997).

JOINER, JAMES G., Ph.D. (University of Alabama) Professor Emeritus of Rehabilitation Counseling (1972-1997).

JOKELA, ERIC J., Ph.D. (State University of New York) Professor of Silviculture and Forest Nutrition, Forest Resources and Conservation (1984-1996).

JOLLEY, CHRISTOPHER D., M.D. (University of Texas) Assistant Professor in Pediatric Gastroenterology (1998-1998).

JONES, ANNE GOODWYN, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Associate Professor of English (1984-1984).

JONES, BARBARA A., B.S. (University of Dayton Ohio) Coordinator, Continuing Medical Education (1975-2000).

JONES, BEVERLY L., B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Clinical Programs, Pediatric Neonatology (1995-1995).

JONES, DAVID A., D.Phil. (University of Oxford) Professor of Botany (1989-1998).

JONES, DOUGLAS STEPHEN., Ph.D. (Princeton University) Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology, and Director, Florida Museum of Natural History (1979-1997).

JONES, HAROLD CHARLES, M.S. (University of Florida) County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, Agricultural P.L., Duval County (1971-1996).

JONES, HAZEL A., Ph.D. (Peabody College of Vanderbilt University) Associate Professor of Education (1993-1998).

JONES, HAZEL C., Ph.D. (University of Hull, UK) Research Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1992-1992).

JONES, JACK S., D.M.D. (University of Kentucky) Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics (1975-1991).

JONES, JAMES, M.D. (University of Miami) Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology/UFHSCJ (1990-1997).

JONES, JAMES W., Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Distinguished Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1977-1998).

JONES, JEFFREY B., Ph.D. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) Professor, Plant Pathology (1981-1991).

JONES, JUSTIN T., B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Research Programs, NFREC-Live Oak (1993-2001).

JONES, KATHY W., M.B.A. (University of Miami) Associate Controller (1986-1998).

JONES, KEVIN S., Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley) Professor and Chair of Materials Science and Engineering (1987-2002).

JONES, KIMBERLY A., D.M.D. (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

JONES, LINDA LEE ANN, Ph.D. (University of Georgia) Associate Professor of Education (1986-1991).

JONES, PIERCE H., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1984-1996).

JONES, RICHARD LAMAR, Ph.D. (University of California, Riverside) Dean for Research and Director of Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, Entomology (1995-1995).

JONES, T. GRIFFITH III, Ed.S. (University of Florida) University School Assistant Professor, P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School (1987-1997).

JONES, THOMAS, M.P.E. (University of Washington) Head Women's Track and Field Coach (1992-1992).

JONES, TRACY, Ph.D. (Bowling Green State University) Associate Dean of Students (2002-2002).

JONSSON, JENNIFER K., M.P.H. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety (2003-2003).

JORDAN, DOUGLAS M., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Lecturer of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2000-2000).

JORDAN, JONATHAN D., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant In, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1999-1999).

JORDAN, JOY C., Ed.D. (Mississippi State University) Associate Professor, Youth Development (1988-1992).

JORGENSEN, TREVOR, B.S. (University of Alberta) Associate In Pathology (2000-2000).

JOSE, SHIBU, Ph.D. (Purdue University) Assistant Professor of Forestry (1998-1998).

JOSEPH, CHRIS W., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Student Financial Affairs (2001-2001).

JOSEPH, MADELINE M., M.D. (Tichreen University) Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine (1994-2002).

JOWERS, HENRY EDGAR, M.S. (University of Florida) County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, Jackson County (1971-1992).

JOYCE, JOSEPH CLARENCE, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Executive Associate Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources and Professor, Agronomy (1983-1999).

JUBA, PAMELA LYNN., M.D. (Eastern Virginia Medical School) Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics/UFHSCJ (1998-1998).

JUDD, WALTER STEPHEN, Ph.D. (Harvard University) Professor of Botany (1978-1991).

JUDGE, JASMEET, Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (2001-2001).

JUDGE, TIMOTHY A., Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Matherly-McKethan Eminent Scholar and Professor of Management (2001-2001).

JULIAN, DAVID, Ph.D. (University of California, San Francisco) Assistant Professor of Zoology (2000-2000).

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