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O, KENNETH K., Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1994-2001).

O, SEUNG-JUN, M.D. (University of South Alabama) Assistant Professor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (2001-2001).

OAKLAND, THOMAS D., Ph.D. (Indiana University) Professor of Education (1995-1997).

OAKLEY, CORRINNA, M.P.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Clinical Programs (2002-2002).

OBAL, MATTHEW J., M.S. (Allentown College) Physician Assistant (2000-2000).

OBER, VINCENT H., JR., M.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University) Clinical Assistant Professor of Community Health and Family Medicine /UFHSCJ (1994-1994).

OBERDORFER, MARTHA L., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Research Programs (2000-2000).

OBERST, M.A., J.D. (University of Florida) Professor of Law (1979-1984).

OBREZA, THOMAS A., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor, Soil Science (1989-2000).

OBRIEN, BONNIE L., M.A. Coordinator, Info/Pub (1996-1996).

O'BRIEN, DAVID S., M.S.E. (Arizona State University) Director, Physical Plant (1995-1995).

O'BRIEN, THOMAS W., Ph.D. (Marquette University) Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1966-1981).

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM, Ph.D. (Stanford University) Assistant Professor of Building Construction (2002-2002).

OBUKHOV, SERGEI P., Ph.D. (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics) Associate Professor of Physics (1990-1993).

OCHO, MARILYN, M.L.S. (University of Pittsburgh) Instructor University Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences (2001-2001).

OCHOA, JUAN G., M.D. (Pontifica Universidad Javeriana Bogota- Columbia) Assistant Professor of Neurology/UFHSCJ (1998-1998).

OCHRIETOR, JUDITH D., Ph.D. (Ohio State University) Assistant Scientist (1999-2002).

O'CONNELL, CARRIE, B.A. (University of Central Florida) Coordinator of Clinical Programs in Pediatrics (2002-2002).

O'CONNOR, GEORGE A., Ph.D. (Colorado State University) Professor, Soil and Water Science (1990-1995).

O'CONNOR, JOHN ARTHUR, M.A. (University of California, Berkeley) Professor of Art (1969-1985).

O'DANIEL, MARY ANN, M.S.L.S. (University of Kentucky) Assistant In Libraries, Florida Center for Library Automation (1994-1999).

O'DELL, WILLIAM J., Ph.D. (ABD) (University of Florida) Lecturer, Center for Affordable Housing (2001-2001).

ODOM, LESLIE S., D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music) Associate Professor of Music (1989-1995).

ODOM, WILLIAM LAMAR, Coordinator, Research Programs/Services CREC Lake Alfred (1965-1990).

OGLESBY, CAROLE A., B.A. (Limestone College) Executive Assistant (1969-1994).

OGRAM, ANDREW V., Ph.D. (University of Tennessee) Associate Professor, Soil and Water Science (1996-2001).

OH, SUK, Ph.D. (Harvard University) Assistant Professor of Physiology and Functional Genomics (1997-1997).

OH, WON-SUCK, M.S. (Chobuk National University) Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics (2000-2000).

O'HAIR, S. K., Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Associate Professor, Vegetable Crops, TREC-Homestead (1979-1985).

OHRN, NILS YNGVE, Ph.D. (University of Uppsala) Professor of Chemistry and Physics, (1966-1971).

OI, FAITH M., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Extension Scientist of Entomology, Entomology and Nematology (2000-2000).

OKUN, MICHAEL, M.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

OLCZYK, TERESA, M.S. (Agriculture University, Waisan, Poland) Extension Agent II, Commercial Agriculture/Vegetables, Dade County (1997-1997).

OLEXA, MICHAEL T., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor, Food and Resource Economics (1980-1994).

OLI, MADAN K., Ph.D. (Auburn University) Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (2000-2000).

OLIVENBAUM, CARL A., B.S. (University of Florida) Associate Director, NERDC (1973-1991).

OLIVER, BARBARA, Coordinator, Administrative Services, Business Services (1974-1990).

OLIVER, JOHN PARKER, Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles) Associate Professor of Astronomy and Associate Chairman (1970-1999).

OLIVERIO, JAMES C., M.F.A. (Bard College) Professor and Program Director, Digital Worlds Institute (2001-2001).

OLIVER-SMITH, ANTHONY R., Ph.D. (Indiana University) Professor of Anthropology (1972-1992).

OLIVER-SMITH, KERRY, M.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Museum Operations, Primary Responsibility Contemporary Art, Samuel P. Harn Museum (1990-1993).

OLMSTEAD, TOM, M.S. (Michigan State University) Interim Associate Director, Purchasing (1978-2002).

OLSON, BONNIE G., B.S. (Ohio State University) Pharmacist, Student Health Care Center (1999-1999).

OLSON, CLAY B., M.S. (University of Florida) County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, Taylor County (1982-2001).

OLSON, ERIC E., M.S. (University of Florida) Associate In Business and Associate Director, Dudziak-McClintock Business Technology Center (1986-2002).

OLSON, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Ph.D. (Clemson University) Professor, Horticultural Sciences, NFREC-Quincy (1981-1995).

OLSON, TIMOTHY AANEN, Ph.D. (Iowa State University) Associate Professor, Animal Sciences (1977-1987).

OLSON, TIMOTHY E., Ph.D. (Auburn University) Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1997-1997).

O'MARA, LYNNE R., M.S. (State University College) Program Extension Agent II-FCS/FNP, Monroe County 1996-1996).

O'MEARA, GEORGE F., Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame) Professor, Entomology and Nematology, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, Vero Beach (1969-1983).

OMENETTO, NICOLO, Libera Docenza (University of Pavia) Scientist of Chemistry (2001-2001).

OOSTERMAN, STEPHAN E., D.O. (Michigan State University) Clinical Assistant Professor and Acting Program (Medical) Director of Community Health and Family Medicine/UFHSCJ (2000-2002).

OPDYKE, NEIL D., Ph.D. (Durham University, U.K.) Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences (1980-2000).

OPPENHEIM, PAUL, Ph.D. (University of Maryland) Professor of Building Construction (1989-2000).

O'QUINN, SHARON, Coordinator, Admissions/Registration (1978-1990).

ORAZEM, MARK E., Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley) Professor of Chemical Engineering (1988-1992).

OREN, IDO, Ph.D. (University of Chicago) Assistant Professor of Political Science (1999-1999).

OREN, JOANNE B., M.A. (New York University) Associate In, Physical Therapy - Tacachale (1999-1999).

ORFANEDES, MICHAEL S., Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Extension Agent III, Hort, Broward Co. (2000-2000).

ORLANDO, CHRISTINE A., D.O. (Southeastern College of Osteopathic Med) Clinical Assistant Professor (2000).

ORLANDO, STEPHEN F., B.A. (University of Florida) Associate Director, News and Public Affairs (1996-2000).

ORR, KEVIN, D.M.A. (Case Western Reserve University) Assistant Professor of Music (2000-2000).

ORRICK, JOANNE J., PharmD (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing (2002-2002).

ORSER, FRANK WILLIAM, M.L.S. (Simmons College) Associate University Librarian, Special Collections (1969-1989).

ORSER, LAWAN V., M.L.S. (Rutgers University) Associate University Librarian, Resource Services (1970-1975).

ORTEGA, LIGIA, M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Computer Applications Information Systems (2000-2000).

OSBORNE, EDWARD W., Ph.D. (Ohio State University) Professor and Chair, Agricultural Education and Communication (1997-1997).

OSBORNE, LANCE SMITH, Ph.D. (University of California, Davis) Professor, Entomology, MREC-Apopka (1981-1998).

OSENBERG, CRAIG, Ph.D. (Michigan State University) Associate Professor of Zoology (1994-1998).

OSFIELD, KENNETH J., Ed.D. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety Head, Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Office (1989-2002).

OSGARD, JAMES L., LL.M. (University of Oregon) Associate Director, J. Hillis Miller Health Center Self-Insurance Program (1991-1997).

O'SICKEY, LYNN B., M.S.Ed. (University of Pennsylvania) Associate In Academic Advising (1992-2000).

OSTEEN, STEPHANIE S., M.Education (University of Florida) Coordinator, Student Affairs (1991-1999).

OSTROFF, DAVID H., Ph.D. (Ohio University) Professor of Journalism and Communications and Interim Chair, Department of Telecommunication (1985-1990).

OSTROV, DAVID A., Ph.D. (University of Washington) Assistant Professor of Pathology (2002-2002).

OSWALT, WILLIA C., M.S. (University of Florida) Extension Agent II, Citrus, m/c, Polk Co. (2001-2001).

OTT, DANIEL D., B.A. (Buena Vista College) Director of Planned Giving (1978-1988).

OTT, EDGAR ALTON, Ph.D. (Purdue University) Professor, Animal Sciences (1970-1979).

OTWELL, STEVEN, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition (1978-1983).

OU, LI-TSE, Ph.D. (University of Rochester, New York) Scientist, Soil and Water Science (1977-1995).

OVERMAN, ALLEN RAY, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1969-1979).

OVERSTREET, CHRISTINA S., M.A. (University of Florida) Lecturer of German (1996-1996).

OVERSTREET, SUSAN K. GAIL, Coordinator, Administrative Services, College of Veterinary Medicine (1973-2002).

OWEN, CATHY F., M.S.W. (Rutgers University) Specialist, Student Counselor, Student Health Care Center (1974-1989).

OWEN, LAURI, B.S. (Florida State University) Coordinator of Clinical Programs in Pediatrics (2002-2002).

OZAKI, CHARLES K., M.D. (Duke University) Associate Professor, Vascular Surgery (1997-2002).

OZAN, JULIDE A., M.A.B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Clinical Programs (1990-2002).

OZDEMIR, SAVAS., M.D. (Uludag University School of Medicine-Turkey) Assistant Professor of Radiology/UFHSCJ (1999-1999).

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