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ZACHMANN, GAYLE, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Associate Professor of French (1994-2002).

ZAMAN, ABBAS A., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant In Engineering (1995-1997).

ZAPLETAL, JINDRICH, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University) Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2000-2000).

ZARIN, DANIEL J., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Associate Professor of Tropical Forestry, Forest Resources and Conservation (2000-2000).

ZARITSKY, ARNO, M.D. (University of Maryland) Professor and Chief (2002-2002).

ZAWOY, MELANIE, B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Clinical Programs in Pediatrics (2002-2002).

ZAZO, ANDREA B., B.S. (University of Florida) University School Instructor, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (2001-2001).

ZAZUETA RANAHAN, FEDRO S., Ph.D. (Colorado State University) Director, Office of Academic Technology (1982-2002).

ZDZIARSKI, II, EUGENE L., Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Dean of Students (2001-2001).

ZEDALIS, JENNIFER, J.D. (University of Florida) Lecturer, Director for the Trial Practice Program (2002-2002).

ZEHE, LAURA E., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Public Functions, Center for the Performing Arts (2000-2000).

ZEILE, WILLIAM L., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Scientist (1991-2002).

ZEKRI, MONGI, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Extension Agent III, Citrus, Hendry County (1997-1997).

ZEMAITIS DECESARE, JULIE A., M.D. (Eastern Virginia Medical School) Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pensacola (2002-2002).

ZEMBA, KATHY, B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Admissions/Registration (1995-2000).

ZENKO, CATHERINE B., M.S. (University of South Florida) Coordinator, Education/Training Programs (2000-2001).

ZENNI, ELISA A., M.D. (Tufts University) Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics/UFHSCJ (1995-2001).

ZENNI, MARTIN M., M.D. (University of Chicago) Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine/UFHSCJ (1995-2002).

ZERBA, RAYMOND H., JR., M.Ag. (University of Florida) Extension Agent IV, Ornamental Horticulture, Clay County (1975-1993).

ZETROUER, GARY L., M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Student Affairs, Division of Recreational Sports (Facilities) (1994-1997).

ZETTLER, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Ph.D. (Cornell University) Professor, Plant Pathology (1966-1976).

ZHANG, JAMES J., P.Ed. (Springfield College) Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences (2001-2001).

ZHANG, JIANLIANG, Ph.D. (University of Knottingham, England) Research Assistant Professor (1998-1998).

ZHANG, MEI, Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo) Assistant Professor, Audiology of Communicative Disorders (2002-2002).

ZHANG, RENSHENG, M.D. (Nanjing Medical University) Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology (2001-2001).

ZHANG, XIN, B.S. (University of Florida) Accounting Coordinator III (1993-2002).

ZHENG, MEILAN, B.S. (Shenyang University) Coordinator, Management Analysis, Compliance Office, College of Medicine (1999-2000).

ZHOU, LEI, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Assistant Professor (2000-2000).

ZHOU, SHENGDE, Ph.D. (Auburn University) Assistant Scientist, Microbiology and Cell Science (2001-2001).

ZHOUNG, CHUHUA, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge) Research Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

ZHU, MING YAN, Ph.D. (Hokkaido University, Japan) Assistant in Physiology and Functional Genomics (1994-1998).

ZIEGER, ROBERT H., Ph.D. (University of Maryland) Distinguished Professor of History (1986-1998).

ZIEGERT, JOHN C., Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island) Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (1990-2000).

ZILLER, ROBERT C., Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Professor of Psychology (1970-1970).

ZIMET, DAVID JOSEPH, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Professor, Food and Resource Economics, NFREC-Quincy (1986-1991).

ZIMMEL, DANA, D.V.M. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences (2002-2002).

ZIMMERMAN, DOROTHY L., B.A. (Murray State University) Coordinator, Educational Media/Communications IFAS Communication Services (2000-2000).

ZIMMERMAN, WENDY, B.A. (Rollins College) Coordinator, Education/Training (1999-1999).

ZIRGER, ARTHUR J., JR., B.S. (Cornell University) Assistant In, Engineering, Director, Outreach Engineering Education Program; AMCEE, FEEDS, and NTU Representative (1982-1983).

ZLOTECKI, ROBERT A., M.D. (University of Michigan) Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology (1993-1998).

ZMUDA, HENRY, Ph.D. (Cornell University) Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1995-2001).

ZOLOTUKHIN, IRENE, Coordinator of Research Programs in Pediatrics (2001-2001).

ZOLOTUKHIN, SERGE, Ph.D. (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics) Research Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (1994-1999).

ZOLTEWICZ, JOHN ANDREW, Ph.D. (Princeton University) Professor of Chemistry (1963-1973).

ZOOK, RON A., B.S. (Miami University, Ohio) Head Football Coach (2001-2001).

ZORI, ROBERTO T., M.D. (Odense University) Associate Professor of Pediatric Genetics (1988-1997).

ZORY, PETER S., JR., Ph.D. (Carnegie-Mellon University) Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1988-1988).

ZSEMBIK, BARBARA A., Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin) Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Sociology (1990-1996).

ZUCALI, JAMES R., Ph.D. (New York University) Professor of Medicine (1982-1994).

ZUEST, GREGORY M., M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Academic Support Services-DCEE College of Pharmacy (1999-1999).

ZUMBERG, MARC S., M.D. (University of Michigan) Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (2000-2000).

ZUNKER, HENRY D., B.S. (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point) Coordinator, Employee Relations, Division of Human Resources (1985-1986).

ZUO, JIAN, M.D. (University Fugian Medical) Research Instructor (1194-2002).

ZWICK, PAUL D., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor and Chair and Program Director (1989-2002).

ZWILLINGER, TRACY D., B.A. (University of South Florida) Coordinator, Information/Publications, IFAS Communication Services (2002-2002).

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