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Other General Fiscal Information

Students should bring sufficient funds, other than personal checks, to meet their immediate needs. Personal checks will be accepted at University Financial Services for the exact amount of fees and/or other amounts owed the university. Payments on all financial obligations to the university will be applied on the basis of age of the debt. The oldest debt will be paid first.

University Financial Services does not cash checks or make cash refunds. Checks written in excess of assessed fees or other amounts paid the university will be accepted and processed, but the excess will be refunded to the student at a later date, according to university policy.

Current Address: It is the studentís responsibility to file a correct current address with the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall.

Past Due Student Accounts: All studentsí accounts are payable at University Financial Services at the time such charges are incurred. Graduating students with outstanding financial obligations will have a hold placed on their records withholding release of a diploma, transcript and other university services until the debt is satisfied.

University regulations prohibit the following for any students whose account with the university is delinquent until the debt has been satisfied:

  • registration
  • graduation
  • granting of credit
  • release of transcript, diploma, grades and schedules
  • loans
  • the use of UF facilities and/or services
  • admission to UF functions and athletic events.

Delinquent accounts, including those debts for which the studentsí records have a financial hold, may require payment by cash, cashierís check or money order.

Delinquent debts may be reported to a credit bureau and can result in placement with a collection agency without further notice, at which time additional collection costs will be assessed.

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