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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog


College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Hours for Degree: 120
Minor: Yes
Combined-Degree Program: No

Students comfortable with mathematics and physics who have a strong interest in understanding the nature of the solar system, stars, galaxies and the universe are encouraged to consider majoring in astronomy. The knowledge acquired and the analytical skills developed provide excellent broad-based training for careers in industry, education and government as well as preparation for graduate study in astronomy and astrophysics, science education, engineering, law and medicine.

In addition to the general requirements of CLAS, students majoring in astronomy must take AST 3018, 3019 and 3722C; MAC 2311, 2312 and 2313; MAP 2302; PHY 2048, 2048L, 2049, 2049L, 3101, 3221, 3323, 4222 and 4324. One additional physics course must be selected from PHY 3513, PHY 4422, PHY 4523 and PHY 4604. Majors must also select five additional 3-credit courses from among the 4000-level astronomy courses. All required courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Students planning graduate work in astronomy should talk with the undergraduate coordinator and plan to take PHY 4604 and additional courses from the following: PHY 3513, 4422 and 4523; MAS 3114, MAA 4402, MAP 4403, STA 3032 and CGS 2425.

General Education: Non-science majors can fulfill the physical sciences requirement by taking AST courses.

Critical Tracking and Semester Plan

Note: UF freshmen and sophomores should take AST 3018 by the fourth semester.

Semester 1:

  • 2.0 UF GPA for semesters 1-5
  • Complete MAC 1147 or MAC 2311

Semester 2:

  • Complete MAC 2311

Semester 3:

  • Complete MAC 2312, PHY 2048 and PHY 2048L

Semester 4:

  • Complete MAC 2313, PHY 2049 and PHY 2049L with 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking course work

Semester 5:

  • Complete AST 3018 with 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking course work

Suggested semester-by-semester plan

Semester 1Credits
MAC 2311 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 (GE–M)4
Composition (GE–C)3
Humanities (GE–H, I)3
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE–S)3
Biological Science (GE–B)3
Total 16
Semester 2Credits
MAC 2312 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 (GE–M)4
PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus 1 (GE–P)3
PHY 2048L Laboratory for PHY 2048 (GE–P)1
Biological Science (GE–B)3
Humanities (GE–H, I)3
Total 14
Semester 3Credits
MAC 2313 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 34
AST 3018 Astronomy and Astrophysics 1 (GE–P)3
PHY 2049 Physics with Calculus 2 (GE–P)3
PHY 2049L Laboratory for PHY 2049 (GE–P)1
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE–S)3
Total 14
Semester 4Credits
MAP 2302 Elementary Differential Equations3
PHY 3101 Introduction to Modern Physics (GE–P)3
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE–S)3
Humanities (GE–H)3
AST 3019 Astronomy and Astrophysics 2 (GE–P)3
Total 15
Semester 5Credits
PHY 3221 Mechanics 13
PHY 3513 Thermal Physics 1 or elective3
AST 3722C Techniques of Observational Astronomy 13
AST course (4000 level)3
Foreign language3-5
Total 15-17
Semester 6Credits
PHY 3323 Electromagnetism 13
PHY 4222 Mechanics 23
AST course (4000 level)3
AST course (4000 level)3
Foreign language3-5
Total 15-17
Semester 7Credits
PHY 4324 Electromagnetism 23
AST course (4000 level)3
PHY 4604 Introductory Quantum Mechanics 1 or elective3
Composition (GE–C)3
Electives (or complete foreign language, if 4-3-3 option)3
Total 15
Semester 8Credits
PHY 4422 Optics 1 or elective3
PHY 4523 Statistical Physics or elective3
AST course (4000 level)3
Total 16-12